NOBITA's avatar request

can ya loop this video of RUMBLE walking with BLASTER on his sholder in the very beginging…

if that direct link doesnt work try this one…

its the second link on the top labeled “BLASTER”

and if you can fit it in have this video of VIDA waveing at RUMBLE saying “Hey Rumble” jus a split second with her hand waveing

Rumble is walking and he says “Whats up Vida” and she is like “Hi Rumble” …keep in mind that if this is to much i can settle for RUMBLE walking looped…but if you can fit it all in please have the text in the video

please help me out



^^^just got your pm…

sorry, i dont/ cant make anime av’s yet. only stills.

^— ok thanks bro

Is there anybody else outhtere that can help me out?..please?

the only problem is, NK, that even if some did make your av possible, you wouldnt be able to upload it. also, your idea has a good chance of being to large for non prem restraints. i still can be made but it’ll look horrible, or your just going to need to edit out some ideas so it can work.

ok jus loop RUMBLE strutting then…thanks bro