Nobody bought Shin Koihime Musou for PS3 after all, then?


This game was a bit controversial in the sense that people seemed to hate the content and nobody on the English-talking boards appears to have actually played it.

IF you have, then prove me wrong, please!

It recently got released on PS3 but so far I can’t find a review of it… It’s listed on the import game shop sites as available as of February 20th this year in a regular edition for $68 and a limited edition for around $150 (which I’m NOT buying! LOL).

I get the feeling that people weren’t that impressed by the demos and arcade release of it last year…
Not much else printed about it online.


Last I had heard it was delayed?


Most people who got the game bought the PC version and don’t feel like double dipping for the PS3 version just because of the online play. This also shows just how lazy BaseSon is in terms that they could have just added the online functions for the PC version and yet they refuse to do so just because they believe the PC version was pirated to hell and back (which is basically true) so they betted on the hope that if people wanted to play against each other online, they’ll buy the PS3 version.

This is just speculations but it’s a plausible one.


I have it for PS3.


Such games need a steam release.


This game got sorely ignore no to due to its content but just sheer obviousness. Basically not many people knew it existed in the first place and those who do probably don’t understand its design

Another tidbit is that people want to see high level of the game to determine if its legit. Sadly that in low supply, their very few high level match video to determine.

Their is also the misconception that the game is poke heavy game due to risk and reward of counter hit system. Most people just turtle with safe poke and hope for the opponent to commit to risky action. How ever top player will op to to control the pace of the match by pressuring and opening their opponent up. While scoring a counter hit is ideal, its a rare situation and shouldn’t be fish for besides for few characters.

Personally i want to get the game but just haven’t been able to yet with money and priority.


The game’s graphics looked interesting to me and I’ve bought several fighters based on graphics alone – Skullgirls being one of them. Skullgirls surprised me with some depth to the game although the AI can be difficult and cheesy on that game… Que sera sera – same thing’s been true with many Capcom games including at least half the SF2/Alpha series and X-Men: COTA.

Huge, huge fan of the Darkstalkers games simply because I think they’re the best animated, most humorous, and funnest CPS-2 games I’ve played. I’m an older gamer so I remember those games when they were brand new and played the two DS games (in arcades when they existed everywhere in the US) that actually made it to US arcades. NightWarriors/Vampire Hunter/DS2 – my favorite of the series – never left the test site in California but was ported to the Sega Saturn and eventually turned up later again on the PS2-Japan Darkstalkers 2 game collection and Vampire/Darkstalkers Resurrection, of course! The two animated Darkstalkers series that were made were based off of the second Darkstalkers game… Most of the manga and the bulk of the series popularity in Japan was based off the second game, too, not DS3 as some people believe.

I’m surprised very little’s been said about Shin Koihime Musou but then again the game community in general seems to be very broke high school/college-age population AND anime’s popularity tends to be over-estimated outside of Japan. As bad selling as American comics are in general today they still far outsell most anime home video and English-translated manga in the US…


I wanted to pick up the PC version but the absence of online was a huge turn off. If the PC version gets updated with netplay I’ll definitely buy it