Noby Noby Boy: Someone tell me what's going on

I picked up Noby Noby Boy today. It’s five bucks, and designed by the creator of Katamari Damacy. I played it for two hours, and I’m not entirely sure that Namco isn’t playing some cruel joke on me. The game is strange to the point of being opaque. Even the tutorial is designed to fuck with you.

The point, if there is one, of the game is to stretch your weird, caterpillar-like character(the titular ‘Noby Noby Boy’) as long as you can, which then in turn adds length to ‘Girl’, apparently another stretchy thing that’s trying to reach as far out into space as she can. If enough players stretch their characters far enough it adds to her ‘length’, and she reaches other planets, which unlocks new levels and garbage to mess around with.

You can eat anything, and promptly shit it out. You can pick stuff up and throw it around. As far as I can tell, that’s about it. The entire game is some weird subliminal advertisement for male enhancement drugs: I’d bet money on it.

I’m not even sure whether to recommend it. It’s so goddamn bizarre that the usual ‘mileage will vary’ caveat just isn’t enough. I guess watch some gameplay vids on YouTube. And if you’ve played it and ‘get it’, please tell me what what the Hell is going on.

I think everything you know is what it’s about. It’s just some randomness that was made to be miraculously entertaining. Like you said, you had no idea wtf was going on yet you still played for two hours and so did I. Anyhow, I got it in a gameshare so I only paid $1 for it, haha.

I do like the notion of community achievement with the stretching of girl though, and I’d like to see that in other games.