Nocturnals Garou Combo Video

Here is a short combo video I made for Garou:MOTW this is the second combo video I’ve ever made. I’m still in the whole process of learning to make combos videos, so I hope you guys still enjoy it. A couple of new things here and there on this video that you guys might like. Here is the link for it:


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Works for me. Yousendit just dosen’t like you, TG.

Very nice vid. Needs more Grant & Jenet tho.

Nice vid, Nocturnal. What version of Garou was this done on?

I used the arcade MVS version of Garou…though these combos are possible in all versions of Garou. I know cause I’ve tested it on all of them ha…but the timings change in each version for certain ones. Thanks for all the comments so far…don’t be afraid to let me know what you think I should have done ha. Alright take care.


Grant doesnt have any combos :slight_smile: No special cancelable moves (well, on the ground. He can cancel air moves into a dive kick, but thats it), no super cancelable moves (except his down A+B attack), and no feint cancelable moves. The only thing he can do for a combo vid are variations on the chest flex juggle (d/f+C) that people have seen a ton of.

The Hotaru juggle at 0:50 was pretty cool, hadnt seen that before.
Kain’s combo at 1:47 - Howd you get him to dash just before doing the lunge kick at the end? I would have thought the dash would have ended his charge.
Butt’s/Marco’s no super combo at 1:35 was pretty sweet.

When recording, leave a couple of seconds of ‘just standing there’ time. The ‘Now playing recording’ message at the bottom takes away from some of the awe, and recording some dead time allows you to cut it out. You should be able to disable the game music (I think Kawack’s Disable FM option does it, not certain), so you can mix in your music with the game sound effects and not have it clash with the original music.

Spread the Garou love.

Naw man thats wrong, MVS version of this game would of been the arcade version, this was on aes aka the consle version.

I got a question though what did you use to perform the combos with Pad, stick or Keyboard?..LMAO yeah thats right noc I saw that winkawaks emulator shit.

Now as for the video It was SICK cool ass had a nice relax beat to the vid, damn those combos were crazy. Keep up the work man the vid owned :tup: you should have CV host it as well.

No Janet love :frowning:

Sick Hotaru, dude. Love the double juggles, ain’t easy. You should have put yer kevin guardcrush strings, I bet that’ll impress some fools.

How do you make a Garou combo video with NO B. JENET?



Sorry about the no B. Jenent I promise to do some stuff with her for the next one ha. Toodles is right about Grant most of his combos have already been done. Though I do have some counter hit combos for him that look pretty neat. I was just trying to do some stuff that most people haven’t seen before is all. I’ll try getting some new Kevin combos and B. Jenet ones as well on the next video. Also yea I messed up when I was recording stuff ha…I will cut those record messages next time. As for the Kain combo I did that was his TOP move, so after the P Punch Super it gives you time to dash in and do TOP (C+D) when in TOP mode. Well I’m glad people enjoyed this video ha…on my next one I will try getting better quality and less edit errors as well. Thanks for all the great comments and I hope this lets people see how great this game can be. Take care.


Forgot to say that I performed all these combos on my Sanwa arcade stick for Rage who asked.

You trying to tell me you did that Freeman combo at 0:30 by hand???

Man you’ve inspired me to make a Garou comb video now.

I got it now, great shit.

Wow! Nice stuff–especially with Hotaru. Not it makes me wonder if any of those combos can be used in NGBC.

Unoffical Mirror

Yeah, yousendit sucks (i got that same bullshit error). So I put an unoffical mirror to this file. Noc, if you want me to put it down, just hit me up w/ pm or post. If not…

Thx Man ! Good shit :tup:

Thanks for hosting it, I didn’t really know where else to post it so I figured I do it on yousendit like most people do. Either way thanks for doing that and again thanks for all the comments everyone. Hopefully the next video will beat this one out ha. Take care guys.


Good work with this one, it made my pc freeze 3 times.

Christ… why do you gotta get all yellow on us?!! :sweat: Can’t wait for the next batch. Keep up the good work.

Keep Play’n. Peace

Really nice stuff, Noc. Thank god you didn’t perform any of these on me the last time we played hehe. Lookin’ forward to the next one.