|| Noel || Blonde and Loaded ( Not where it matters though ;_; )


Noel general discussion thread for strats, combos, matchups, and etc.

Noel Vermillion combos/strategy guides.



Awesome…hopefully this will get more traffic than the DL one


noel guide



Something neat I saved for Noel VERMIWILLION


seems useful


Those are nice. Wish there was one for Nu. :3


The Noel Thread - “I wish you were Ciel”


Im gonna have the best noel ever.


http://s1.zetaboards.com/blazblue/pages/noelcombolist/ Combo listing for Noel (throw and 22C loops included! THX Nas)

More like I just the SRK BB thread and found BB sub-forum and found out no one made a Noel thread. I’ll try my hardest to make my Noel beastly, also.

I agree to this. :V


Hate it when I’m out of the loop… Who is Ciel?


Ciel is from the Melty Blood series. At least that’s what I hope you guys are referring to XD

Either way, I’ll be maining Noel for the mean time. I’m really just hoping that Tsubaki is released or beta-tested in the console version eventually. But for the mean time, Noel ftw.

'Tis gonna be interesting performing the 6C > BC loop and her 22C > 6C for the first time. Can’t wait for the game >:3


Noel’s taunt makes my knees buckle


how do you do her astral heat? it may be in the game to tell you but i can’t read any of that cause of the tv.


there will be eventually, now that blazblue is soon to be here and my focus is back on this i plan to finish off the rest of the characters. right now my focus is tager and bang.


lol, nice to see blazblue get its own forum


Impossible, since you guys gonna be giving traffic to DL everytime you copy/paste original content from there.:tup:


Noel’s Astral Heat command is bananas.

It says “Charge down, up + C repeatedly”. What it really means is this:

Charge down, tap C three times, then Up+C simultaneously. All four C’s should be done within half a second (30f).

If this seems like it makes it impossible to connect with, just do D -> fwd+C (gun spin) and while that’s going on, start the Astral. It will combo cleanly.


That’s actually pretty neat. I’ll try that later on today when I can play it.


Four button taps in half a second, crap I usually suck at those.


I know…I just meant that I hope that it keeps moving…DL seemed to stagnate…yeah there are four noel threads but who cares when there isn’t anything in them…I think there were four vids in the Video thread last I looked


i’m gonna hook up with rob no homo, and get more of your favorite series Heartnana Sez seen here www.plundered.net/techmode/blazblue/noel.html