Noel Vermillion Picture. Extremely hi-res picture

This is a picture of Noel on that Blazblue artbook cover. This is a much better looking picture then the scanned pictures that other people probably have posted. For anyone that wants to put Custom Artwork on their joysticks consider using this picture =D.

Thanks for that. I wanted to put that art on a TE someday. Now I can! :smiley:

Damn! That’s a huge ass pic, and amazing quality as well.

Wow, that is very better.
Thank you.

My Artbook is signed on most pages.
So cannot scan.

Here is my own TE template of it.

Where did you find the pic? Have any others from the book?

Here we go! Rep away suckers!



Awesome, thanks!

Better be thankful!!!

Custom Artwork on their joysticks consider using this:nunchuck:

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If anyone can find the other pages to the artbook (mainly the different character’s pages) in the same quality and rez and the cover in the op I would send some paypal bucks your way.

It’s all in that link, should be the entire book. Just because there is one large super neat picture of a character does not mean that there is an entire collection of character art like that, sadly =\

The op’s pick isn’t a scan and is about double the size as the scanned images.

To tell you the truth, this is where I got it from.

Scroll all the way down and click BlazBlue Artbook in a new tab.

Just like that… I was planning on getting that BlazBlue artbook but I didn’t want anyone to know about that link so I uploaded on imageshack instead. Too bad I don’t have 20$. lololol, save this image to your computer because this is probably the best looking Noel picture out there, not even a perfect scan can beat it. And you’ll never know when they are going to shut it down =o Omgg!!