Noise Canceling Headphones - Suggestions?


Can’t really stick to all this Bose hype, even though the noise canceling qualities are impeccable from the QC15’s I’ve demoed in-store. Are there any audiophiles out there who maybe some great cans during tournaments or while they’re studying?


Thread title - Go!!! :tup:


Beats by Dr. Dre.

Expensive, but I’ve tried them out, and they’re godlike. :smiley: Kooper might have some suggestions for you, though. Hit him up.


Klipsch Image S4, in-ear headphones. I have these and love them. SUPER comfortable, the only earbuds I’ve been able to wear for hours without hurting my inner ears.

If you’re not interested in earbud type headphones, nevermind!


That’s the thing:

Do you want circum, supra, or earbuds?


Circum. With active noise cancelling. A good build. QC15’s I heard don’t stand the test of time, unless someone can disprove me here at SRK? I was looking at Beats, but the glossy feel turns me off. Don’t get me wrong, they sound amazing, but they feel plasticky.

Now my other question is I know these headphones block off ambient sound and white noise, but not voices. Haha, is there anything that can just block the whole world out?! >_< The reason I ask is other than tournaments, I need a pair of cans for when I go back to school - I work IT for my college and I’m bound to have random professors chasing my ass for help when I’m off the clock. Lol, something that will just block almost EVERYTHING…


You should check out The best bang for your buck if you are looking at noise cancelling headphones like the QCs are the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7. They outclass the QCs substantially especially if you are considering price. I personally use the Phitek Blackbox M10, which are pretty good if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on headphones that you are bringing around everywhere. Depending on what kind of music you listen to, you may either like or hate the Beats. To say they over exaggerate the lows would be an understatement.


What he said.


Grado GS1000i


Why do you want active then? In addition to weird-ifying your sound, passive just makes more sense to me.

+1 for the head-fi bump. Headphonic is solid too.


@hokagesama - I don’t really pick up the change in sound with active noise cancelling. And I’ve found that passive headphones were too heavy sometimes because the earcups try to make up for the lack of mics. Haha, it’s funny though, when I put on QC’s I feel like I’m jumping into the ocean or something >_<

Yes, that head-fi recommendation is win. Looking at Headphonic now. How about a reliable brick and mortar place to demo these headphones out? Every time I go to Best Buy or Crutchfield, the demo stands are atrocious, everything’s still boxed up. So laaaame.

And now I know these aren’t NC, but does anyone have any experience with the Astro A40’s or A30’s. I’m interested in them bc of their track record in gaming events and the tags look bitchin’.


I have a set of Astro A40’s and I don’t feel that the headphones were worth the pricetag. When used with the mixamp, they are decent for gaming if you need to use a mic, but I was thinking that I’d also have a nice set of cans for listening to music. I was wrong.

I ended up buying a set of Grado SR80i headphones and couldn’t be happier with them for listening to music. They are so much better than the A40s and they cost less.


Beats leaks sound, and Bose is overrated…

all Grado users hate these 2 brands. go there.


Do they sell Grado in brick/mortar stores? I’ve never seen them. Or have ever seen them demoed.


dont live in the States, dont have a clue…


I don’t know if they sell Grados at the big box stores like Best Buy. At least in Canada they don’t. However, there are hi-fi stores all over the place that sell this stuff and let you try it before you buy. The good thing about headphones is that you can at least try them first. Getting IEMs are like the lottery. Never know what you are going to get and have to base everything off random opinions.

I do think you should try out the Grados because they do have a very signature sound profile that you may not like. I’m not sure they make any closed headphones either, so while they are good for home use, they may not be so great if you were looking for noise cancelling. If you are studying in a library with them, you will probably piss everybody off because they are open and will leak sound.


It also depends what your source is as well. If you are using highly compressed mp3s and an ipod, than maybe dropping $500 on headphones isn’t going to be a fantastic idea. However, not everybody wants to carry around a portable amp either and use lossless formats.


Who in their right mind would buy headphones from a rapper who said he didn’t smoke weed or cess?


I’m just bumping this thread because I’m in the market for new headphones. Trying to avoid a new thread since there must be hundreds of similar threads with just a few replies, so let’s just keep this going. I like earbuds, but they always break on me. The speakers blow out or they just get crunched in my pocket or bag. So, I need to titanium ass earbuds or some moderatly priced old school headphones. preferably something conservative looking. Whenever I see people wearing actual headphones they are huuuge and neon colored as if to say “look at me, please!”.

Oh, and I assume all headphones are compatible with ipod these days, right?