Disclaimer: From now on I will be updating everything in my first post since I think that will be a bit more organized in terms of updates and referrals to my website, etc.

Sup People,

I know some of you know me from being on Shoryuken for quite some time but a few may not know that I’m a sequential artist. As a former SCAD student, I’ve been focusing alot on my pitch for an Original Graphic Novel called, Part Time Shuffle. I’ve posted fan art illustrations and some promotional work for my project but I thought to organize things better in terms of consistency I decided to change the format of my thread. I just recently ended production on my first sample chapter, Part Time Shuffle: Roflmatic Battle 22, and I will be attending SCADCon to pitch my story and sell prints of my book! You can check out my posts on Deviant Art and also photos of the first print of the book in this post!

I will be updating this thread on a consistent basis with updated work and con appearances as well.

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My website is here:
-Most of it is old and I need to do a website revamp but you can see old character designs there and other illustrations.

-My DA is the most current in terms of promotional updates

-My blog also gets updated on a monthly to almost bi-monthly basis. Sometimes I update with comic work mostly but sometimes I do rant about games, food, cooking, etc.
-Because everyone is a social networking whore these days.

UPDATE! Part Time Shuffle is officially on Facebook! Join today to keep up with current development of the series, as well as updates on con appearances, and book release!!/pages/Part-Time-Shuffle/113534065337829?ref=ts


Nice. I like the brightness and crispness to your work.


Shameless bump.


Here’s an updated illustration for promotional purposes for Part Time Shuffle Volume 000.

Had alot of fun re-creating a Game case similar to the Japanese cases for fighting games. I didn’t get everything right since I’m still learning to write Japanese and well certain things were a little tough to imitate but I hope people dig it.


new work looks awesome man. diggin the “dricasoft” game =P


cowcom, lol

flashy stuff as usual, nokato. in a good way.

keep it up!


Thanks for the comments, guys! Definitely appreciate it–DA seems to be so against original content that alot of artists that want to push original projects get slighted so its nice to see people appreciate when you take the time to post on DA.


Just posting to show my support. You know you already have it but…still. :tup:

I’ll share with some RL friends that read manga sometime this week and hopefully get at you with feedback.


Definitely will be appreciated.


New sketches, Batman and Catwoman concepts. Just thought I’d fool around and try to sketch them as practice between other projects.


Updates will be posted in Originating Post from now on.


Really cool stuff, how much would it cost to buy a copy, and have it signed :wink:


Pricing is being determined for conventions currently, and I will update in the first post. It shouldn’t be too expensive. I may have a SRK discount in the works also…I’ll keep people posted.


Great work!
Especially the babes!



I really like your art. You really seem to have a thing for “loose ends” though :lol: it seems like a rule that no matter what someone has to have some part of their clothing dangling off them in some way, be it their belt, cuffs, ect…

I do really like it though, and would really like to read more. If you can keep me/us informed.


You make a good point design wise–I get a little giddy with that, maybe that will be one of the nerfs characters get in Tetrazzini Impact…see what I did there?

I’m glad that you like the work and if anything, show people who you think might be interested and tell them about my website, DA, and twitter lol! I will be printing more copies soon and I will update with news on Tetrazzini Impact soon.


Yeah, there have been worse things artists get caught up on… Like Oda’s One Piece, and how basically he has only 2 “female faces” and tries to compensate for it by giving them 10000x different hair :lol:

I look forward to seeing more.


More is available. Check updates in the OP.