Nominations for an additional forum moderator

Unfortunately I do not have the time anymore to actively moderate this forum, so I am accepting nominations for an additional moderator.

Send me a PM with your nomination. (You can not nominate yourself.)

Results will be announced shortly after the new year.

Thanks for the reply señor NKI. Gonna send my nomination right now

I already sent my nomination and I’m here to ask your help to nominate Ganelon.

We asked Ganelon about this and he agreed to help us out.

He is very knowledgeable about the game and is a top player himself.

Please send in your vote to nominate Ganelon!

Ganelon is a terrible choice because all he cares about right now is offline ST. Yeah I know this is the ST forum, but there is no way he can moderate the inevitable ST vs. non-ST discussions that always crop up.

I nominate that NKI come back to the forums instead of leaving us. :frowning:

Why did you say that? A person can still have his personal opinion while doing moderating job.

If you ask any judge about their political viewpoint they’d tell you what they’re thinking. But when they are on the bench they will still rule based on facts and precedences.

Thelo and SweetJV voiced their opinions all the time and I don’t see people complain about them being moderators of the HDR forum.

Quite simply, this community is fractured and I’d prefer a moderate voice. By his own stated position, Ganelon is not a moderate.

The reasons that you given ain’t even solid. How can you judge his moderating ability when he isn’t even on the job yet?

Damdai and Ganelon are probably the few of ST players that spend significant amount of time playing HDR and entering HDR tournaments. And they STILL enter HDR tournament.

Ganelon even said multiple times that HDR is a 9.5 to him (ST being 10). Any people who enter tournament would definitely prefer to play the game offline. Why is that a problem? Do you want a moderator that doesn’t go to tournament and play online exclusively to be a mod? And that is a mod that you want?

What is the stated position of the HDR mods that I mentioned?

By that logic, make me the mod since you can’t judge my moderating until I’m on the job.

I think the HDR mods do a good job, but I think in this instance someone who does not hold the beliefs that Ganelon has stated that he holds would be a better choice.

If you got votes, why not?

Instead of trashing others, why not just send in your votes and see the results later?

I didn’t say that is the only qualification btw. Knowledge of the game + being a good player are definitely pluses too.

And the most important qualification is willingness. NKI is definitely the choice but he doesn’t have the time anymore. We asked Ganelon and he agreed - he is willing to take on the responsibility.

Being a mod isn’t just about the power but he also need to devote time to do the job. It’s already hard enough to find people to volunteer to help the scene. We should appreciate that there are people willing to offer to take this job on.

So no-one should voice their opinion? That might be the kind of moderation you want, but I’ll pass thanks.

Could you not reply in every post with sarcasm?

All I’m saying is that your arguments ain’t solid. It is up to you to convince people that he is not a good choice. I have given my point of views.

I admit that I didn’t use a good choice of word. But if your arguments are convincing I wouldn’t use the word “trashing”. I can go back and edit it but you already quoted me on that…

You do not appear to know what sarcasm is. And my arguments might not appear solid to you, but I’m sorry - you saying that they’re not solid doesn’t make it so.

You nominated Ganelon and I have raised legitimate concerns with that nomination, isn’t that how an election is supposed to work? A few posts back you were trying to stifle all debate by effectively saying “don’t say anything, just vote.” You and I have a different opinion about how the world should work.

can i forfeit the ability to vote +1 for a person in exchange for being able to vote -1 for a person? :wink:

And for the record, even though it might not seem this way, it’s not personal against Ganelon (even though him and I have fought in the past). I just think Ganelon sits at the far end of the bell curve and I’d prefer a centrist who hasn’t been involved in a lot of the ST vs. HDR and offline vs. online arguments.

My 2 cents.

And my 2 cents is that the willingness to take on this job (i.e. responsibility & time) + knowledge of the game are some of the most important qualifications of being a moderator of this forum.

The personal opinion of the moderator should not interfere with the duty of this job. (I’m sure people who have been a mod would agree)

Just for the record, Ganelon is the person who calls “STOP” in the T-hawk thread when everyone is going off topic with the HDR vs ST debate that you are worried about.

Wow, okay SRK is getting so crazy I’m about to ban myself.

tecmosuperbowl nominated

lol it’s posts like these that make me love SRK all over again.

geo: IINM, the most extreme thing I’ve done is call out online players for not coming out to support their favored game in a thread about how offline tourneys should be run. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to do anything to help (or hurt) the turnout. But I don’t regret saying that since it’s what many tourney regulars I spoke to (ST and HDR) wanted to see. Feel free to link that topic as an example of my personal views and others can make their own conclusions.

I think I’m somewhat tilted towards ST and certainly in the offline camp (but only when it comes to offline competition discussions). However, I’m not sure where I’m perceived or should be perceived by others. I’ve attended plenty of ST events, as well as plenty of HDR events, and plenty of online events as well. I’ve run both ST and HDR tourneys that would have otherwise not happened. A few HDR fans say I’ve poisoned the HDR well. A few ST fans say I’m too lenient towards HDR. So once again, I guess folks will have to make their own holistic judgments.

But for mod, we just need someone who regularly checks in, kills spam, moves posts that don’t belong to a topic, and fairly closes the occasional needless topic. The recent spiel in the T.Hawk thread emphasized the need for an active mod to move things to their proper location. Anybody who remains civil and has interest & knowledge in ST will do. Since I felt I met those qualifications and had been mod elsewhere, I agreed that it could work out.

For anyone who would feel uncomfortable with me as mod here, then please consider papasi instead. He’s a levelheaded individual who’s done and spent a lot to support ST in his area as well as creating a great online hitbox viewer that’s basically supplanted YBH.