Nominations for an additional forum moderator


TecmoSuperBowl is one of the most creative guy I saw here. First I was fooled by his “contribution points” and now he is “banned”.

I nominate TecmoSuperBowl as the creative director for all sf2 forums.

Please do not. Being acquaintance with Dangerous Spinning Papercut (aka DSP) and Ritual and CzarFighter make me want to troll ggpo/online so hard. I want to have the freedom to troll!

I’m at the extreme far end on this bell curve that Geo speak of. And all my time are already spent on everything ST related I do not have any time to take on another responsibility.

BTW, if I didn’t already know you guys are so sensitive with this stuff, I would have nominated VF4 along side Ganelon just because he is so knowledgeable.


I hope you buy Ganelon dinner beforehand…


Ganelon as mod sounds nice to me. Also Damdai, Tecmo, Rambo, Tetsuosan, Tech Monkey, or Papasi would be great choices as well.


I’m fine with Antonio, Ganelon, geo, Tecmo and many others. But my vote was for fatboy. Alright, I said it.

*geo just gotta calm down a bit.


we should be able to vote between the nominees after their all in.


fatboy was a name that popped up in my head as well. I think Ganelon is a good nomination, too. I’d also like to suggest kuroppi.
I’m not going to cast my vote just yet, though. I’d like to see this thread play out a bit more.

NKI: Are you officially retiring from ST or just your position as forum moderator?


When Team USA came here for SBO, I showed them to a few arcades and played a few games with them. But aside from that, I haven’t played ST since May or June.

I still love the game - I just don’t have time anymore. :sad:


i vote for no moderation, which is pretty much how things have been anyway. so the t.hawk thread went off-topic… whoop-eee.

not enough activity to warrant a moderator tbh

if you really gotta pick someone it should be frijoles or that brazilian dude


Are you still coming out to Stunfest next year if they have ST ?

I want a rematch ! :3


I don’t use this ST forum much myself, so I won’t formally vote, but I think Ganelon would make a fine moderator.


@jpj disagreed. having a mod is definitely better. at the very least we need to unsticky old threads / sticky new threads.

But I agreed djfrijoles is another good choice. only concern is whether he’ll have the time to be an active mod (question for you, dj :slight_smile: , while ganelon is willing to do the job.

Both kuroppi & fatboy in the past mentioned that they are very busy though.

If any of these people are committed to take on the job (people who vote should take this into consideration. Even though you want those people to mod, they might not have the time! Otherwise we already have NKI), either of them are fine choices.

Hey NKI, top player interview question :slight_smile:

Some people do not like online play because of lag. But we all know Japan has very fast internet connection. What is your opinion on online play? Can it be a substitution for offline play?

classic mode / HDR / ggpo?

I ask because XSPR also prefer to play on XBL classic mode instead of going to arcade as it is more convenient and save a lot of time.

And I don’t play much either, maybe 10-20 matches on ggpo max if I play (less than 20 mins of play time). I wasted a lot of time learning how to troll on ggpo though


djfrijoles or fatboy would be good mods, IMNSHO.


Needless shitty?

jk lol.

Not gonna vote because i only lurk St forums.


ganelon is a good pick.

i like jizzon too. he doesnt post much but he is always level headed and smart.


Fatboy, DJfrijoles, or Damdai


Yo BTC check your pms please


I nominate Papasi.


Seriously though. I want to make this very clear.

Please understand the goal of this vote. We are not trying to vote who is the nicest guy / your favorite srk poster / friend, etc.

All the names that you guys mentioned are very good choices (except me), but have you confirmed with your nomination that they will have the TIME to do it? (That’s the first thing that we did before mentioning ganelon’s name)

If we ended up with a guy that doesn’t have time to mod this forum, that really defeats the purpose of this whole thing and wastes everybody’s time.


Well, I haven’t asked Fatboy. Easy Holes looks like a bum to me: I pretty sure he would have the time!


i nominated you because i like your contributions and you’re one of the most active users on this ST Forum, besides you’re pretty mature that’s my goddamn reason, now shut up and face the challenge :wink: =D