--- Nominations Results 5-1-2005 Wigfall and Yipes Qualify + tourney results ---

first off, congrats to yipes and wigfall, who qualify for the elections at ecc. more info to be posted:

1st - josh wigfall
2nd - michael mendoza "yipes"
3rd - erik arroyo "smoothviper"
4th - danny ngai "sbcdyn"
5th - julian robinson
5th - brandon deshields “demonhyo”

smoothviper puts demonhyo into losers first round
demonhyo wakes up and nearly runs through the losers bracket only to be stopped by sbcdyn, who also makes an impressive run through losers
yipes puts wigfall into losers during the winners’ final
wigfall beats smoothviper, and comes back 2 sets against yipes to take the gold
at some point, he beats him 4 straight

nominations - mvc2 round robin qualifier:
yipes sweeps everyone. evidently, he must’ve taken his loss pretty seriously, he nearly steamrolls each person he played at least one game. poor julian got perfected
brandon breaks out ironman and beats danny
julian beats smoothviper
and the rest was a blur, because the directors were in a heated debate in lumines

1st - nestor corchado
2nd - jeron grayson
3rd - julian robinson
4th - tony barnhill
5th - phil burnell "dsp"
5th - cb

nestor puts jeron into losers, puts julian into losers during the winners’ final
jeron sweeps losers’ bracket to get back to nestor
grand finals was 4-2?

1st - john gordon "flash"
2nd - josh wigfall
3rd - jeron grayson
4th - jon "kofiend"
5th - "elu"
5th - …phil burnell “dsp”

flash takes it straight
josh goin hardcore 3s is starting to show

1st - david spence
2nd - phil burnell "dsp"
3rd - john gordon "flash"
4th - julian robinson
5th - jeron grayson
5th - ed the head

dsp sends jeron and julian to losers, loses to spence in the winners’ final
flash peaces out julian and loses to dsp to take 3rd
(sorry for the mixup phil! :sweat: )
lumines killed my st game :sad:

1st - kyohei "marlinpie"
2nd - mynus "chaz"
3rd - hnh
4th - nestor corchado
5th - phrekwenci
5th - tony barnhill

mad chill

hmm… would anyone be up for a lumines tourney at ecc? :badboy:

eccx teaser video is up

remember to sign up for eccx

hope everyone had fun and a safe trip home
ggpo and see everyone at ecc!

oh damn, sorry i doubted you phil. =P

back to the lab for me…

props to josh and jeron

Oh Yeah Nestor

Haha, Nestor got 4th in #R. Good shit!

And I’m very much up for a Lumines tournament at ECC.


Wtf Yipes!!!

Any vids?
Good Job YIPES! Deadcell bitches
Dragongod stop posting everywhere…
Josh beasting in sf3s GOod shit

I don’t think he was ready for me at first. He got me in the end, where it counts. =/

Had fun! Was fun and had some laughs!
Todd’s too funny! Quote of the night! "F*ck the old men Zerule LIVE!! lmao! That was classic Todd! :clap:
Man I was looking foward to fighting CE. Bison in AE this tournament, instead I got Sim! :sad:
GG’s to everyone I played! See you all at ECC!
Heres the team edit!

1st. Nestor C. A-Hibiki/Bison/(2)Blanka
2nd. Jeron G.A-Eagle/Vega/(2)Cammy
3rd. Julien R. K-Eagle/Vega/(2)Sagat
4th. Tony B. K-Yama/Sagat/(2)Blanka
5th. Phil B. C-CBS
5th. cb. A-Bas

1st. John G. Yun
2nd. Josh W. ChunLi
3rd. Jeron. ChunLi
4th. Jon. Yang
5th. Phil. Urien
5th. “elu” ???

1st Spencer: Counter character
2nd Flash: Counter character
3rd Phil: Counter character
4th Julien: Counter character
5th Jeron: Counter character
5th ED :Counter character

F*cking ST!!

Watch out for him.

He just started playing, but he’ll rise up in the ranks soon enough.


who is danny? was bryheem there?

way to hold it down josh.

lol oh shit NY took 3S for free. what happened mr john kim -_-

flash <3

wiggy…good shit. you’re gonna tear me up soon enough if you keep this shit up wtf =/

good shit josh and yipes

no worries erik, get that shit at the ecc qualifier


I got 2nd in ST, I beat Flash :frowning: Come on, old man DSP is trying to make a showing and you guys forget I got 2nd! I guess I should have filled in those brackets, haha.

I still lose to Sim, lame, but at least I can beat most of the cast now…

Spence, why was my Dee Jay doing better than my Vega against your Sim? Random!


don t get me started:sad:

Im coming up in #R watch out for that scrub roboky, gg’s Phrekwenci.

Phi: remind me never to play on the 2nd 3S cabinet ever again.

Danny is team boston, aka Team ANOMALY :clap:

Spence = Toronto.

Canada OG > *


Yipes > _______.

great job. sorry julian. =/