Non Aegis Urien

I think I have a solid Urien and I don’t use Aegis reflector as my SA, I choose to use Tyrant Slaughter. It has a decent bar and a successfully linked SA can lead to some HUGE damage, especially off of a hit Chariot tackle of any strength. So I want to know, can Urien be played at tournament quality without the use of Aegis Reflector?

Why would you not want to use the Ageis???:confused: It’s like the 2nd best super if not the best super in the game.

I have problems hitting the unblockables with Aegis sometimes and I find that I’m much more patient with my bar when I have Tyrant Slaughter. I’ve wasted or whiffed good opportunities with Aegis before and got hammered for it…so Tyrant Slaughter kinda forces me to be less eager to hunt for a super and wait for a guaranteed opening, if that makes any sense…

IMO…top 5 supers in the game Hoyoku Sen (Chun SA2), Shippu Jinrai (Ken SA3), Aegis Reflector (Urien SA3), Genei Jin (Yun SA3), Stun Gun Headbutt (Alex SA3).

If I could get some suggestions on some easy links for Aegis and the best times to throw it, then that would be appreciated, since I hardly even use it. I have like three setups for it and that’s about it.

1 c. fierce, strong chariot tackle, strong aegis
2. c. fierce, fierce headbutt, jab aegis
3. headbutt, EX chariot tackle, strong projectile into strong aegis (at about mid screen to left corner, works great if you’re in the corner)

STun gun headbutt :confused:I think its on the top 5 of worse in the game next to Q self destroy crap.

You can’t beat aegis,it’s the master of all set up supers:tup:

Stun Gun headbutt does have its uses…such as corner traps and such…I tend to use it for the free throw that it gives you, but as far as tournament play goes, I would tend to rely on Boomerang Raid for Alex.

like i said, give me some great set ups for it and i’ll be convinced.

Sounds like you’re pretty new to the game. Not using Aegis severely limits his abilities and opportunities to deal damage. Urien’s character design does not compliment SA1 well. All you can safely (meaning nothing happens to you if it’s blocked) connect SA1 with is just jab jab which is dumb cuz you can parry/block that high or low, max distance UOH which is easy to see coming, or maybe a random jump-in which is rare to get with Urien. Blocked tackles are a big no no and easily punished by just about the whole cast.

Learn how to use Aegis.

Thank you! Some one with some real advice.

I am pretty new to third strike. I got into it about a couple of months ago. I’ve been playing GGXX and CVS2 a whole lot and a friend suggested it to me and I immediately got into it. I’ve already slogged through most of the easier characters to use (Chun Li and Ken) and I moved onto Urien because he seemed like a much cooler choice to me. I always liked charge characters like blanka and vega in other games. I need to look into Aegis a little harder.

any suggestions? I’ve seen some stuff on youtube and i think i can get it but i’d like to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Just watch RX matches, he will show you why Aegis (and Urien at that) owns.

Dude the most basic Aegis setup is throw them into the corner, LP aegis, then make them guess between a high and low attack. If they block the wrong way, you can do a crouching HP -> chariot tackle…and depending on how good you are with Urien, you can follow that tackle up with other stuff.

Sounds like what I already do, minus the Aegis…I’m guessing the Aegis is there to add to the confusion. I saw a cool combo in the shoryuken wiki that I’m planning on throwing into my game…but I thank everyone for their help and advice.

its pretty easy to get off tyrant slaughter the main problem is it doesnt combo off any good lows :confused:

stick to aegis, its more fun anyway.

aegis just makes urien a better character, it’s the only super that removes all but one of his weaknesses and gives him new strengths. it’s a really versatile super.

Aegis locks the opponent down. They can’t do a wakeup super/shoryu while they have an aegis on them.

High low mixups are much more effective with Aegis out because if you guess right, the opponent will be stunned by the Aegis reflector and Urien can do another attack.

If you’re using Tyrant, you can’t do that…you can only hope that the opponent doesn’t block crouching LK -> Tyrant Punish or something.

I like Tyrant Slaughter.

Urien literally has no good wake-up options against a lot of characters. Best case scenario you can jab headbutt, which maybe kinda-sorta gets you out of some things but also when baited gets you Peaced Out in a half-second.

Tyrant Slaughter does great damage and works well as a scrubby wake-up super. Against characters like Makoto, who can crowd you while you’re on the floor without worrying at all what you’re going to do, SA1 can keep her at least a little worried to just stand over you with impunity.

Also, even though it’s semi-shitty, it gives Urien a way to punish quickly and mix-up against much faster characters, another thing he’s severely lacking. Low short xx SA1 is a dumb, HUGE DAMAGE combo that adds a lot to Urien’s game; SA3 Urien has no damaging combos with that little start-up.

SA3 players are very much driven to use Aegis at all times, which is a genuine threat at the highest level of play. But most people that aren’t RX or Tokido really don’t know how to use Urien without it, which severely cripples them. I would recommend all n00b Urien players start with SA1 so they can learn proper spacing and poking before they just jump in and become mediocre players right off the bat.

N - Also, if you land the Tyrant Slaughter unblockable on someone you automatically win the match. It’s in the Evo rules.

its still bad! (i use it all the time)

isnt tyrant slaughter unblockable ex fireball or something ive never used it i just use it to beat people worse than me when im bored.

uhh stuff i learned with tyrant slaugther
landing a j.RH against a low defense character is 55% of their health gone flat off. it makes one of uriens scariest pokes even scarier, and it combos off any j.RH!
remember if your opponent tries to cross you up but misses, you can tag it with a super :]
tyrant slaughter punishes lots of stuff that you can only get a c.LK xx LK/EX tackle off of.
you still have lots of ex meter, and urien has two good ex moves (tackle for juggles and headbutt for whenever)
its more difficult than most supers to combo off a UOH
jump in super is top tier. no seriously, people almost always do something if you jump in.
if you’re really desperate to kill someone, if you hit them with an LP headbutt, tyrant slaughter actually combos off it, does like 10% if you tag them with it right.

here are all of the things you can reasonably hitconfirm into tyrant slaughter
c.LP x2
c.LK xx tackle
standing MP xx tackle
j.HK (and any of the above combos by extension)
uoh on crouching
standing lp mp (hard to do)
c.HP xx tackle xx aegis
lp headbutt into juggle (max 3 hits)
i didnt list a couple things because they’re pretty much worthless like standing lk shit

tyrant slaughter:
punishes pretty much all sweeps
can be comboed into (through tackle xx super or c.LK xx tackle xx super) if any move leaves them at point blank range and -4 on block
you can do really dumb shit like aa fireball, hold, wait for rush super/generic combo starter, counter super cancel
something TOTALLY worthless but you can do ex tackle (1 hit) xx super, i have no idea why you’d use this besides them having no health and you attempt to chip them to death and they parry the first hit.

Funny how this thread expanded to those who actually use Tyrant Slaughter. I have to point out something about Aegis though. The throw into the corner then LP aegis has some obvious flaws. Even though you can try to cross them up with a c. Roundhouse or other c. kick, this is EASILY blocked by anyone with some iota of skill. I find that juggling with c. FP X short tackle XX Aegis , rinse, repeat works soooo much better.

I still use Tyrant Slaughter because like it was mentioned earlier…I don’t HAVE to use Aegis in order to have a decent offense. I realize that throwing out random tackles is stupid (believe me, as a former Vega afficianado, I know) and Aegis unblockables have huge damage possibilities. But it hinges on two things.

A) your opponent has to be caught off guard or unaware to your strategy
B) the first hits of the combo and cross up HAVE to hit in order for the combo to continue and be any sort of good.

I like that with Tyrant Slaughter, you don’t have to rely on those things, since I won’t link into TS unless I get a workable link attack. Plus it’s great for those footsies bastards who start to abuse the sweep or even the C. MK. I think it’s been mentioned that the move is a decent wakeup maneuver, espcially for those who abuse Makoto’s ability to stand over you without reprocussion. My wakeup TS can beat out most Hayate’s to the punch.

I don’t understand what u mean by this statement. Could you please clarify it? The cross them up with a low attack thing doesn’t make sense to me. Are you talking about throw into corner, lp Aegis, then make 'em guess with 50/50s?

If you think Aegis has flaws, you’re not using it right. And if you’re using Aegis solely for unblockables, you’re not using it right also. Everyone and their mother can parry out of unblockables nowadays; it’s how you improvise that brings out the true strength of using Aegis.

And, Aegis most importantly CONTROLS SPACE. Does Tyrant Slaughter force your opponent to react in a certain way without putting you at risk? No. Besides, I don’t know why you say Aegis doesn’t make you have a decent offense; if anything, it improves Urien’s offense GREATLY than what Tyrant Slaughter will ever do. If I’m fighting a Urien player, I’m more concerned with how good their offense is WITH Aegis, not with Tyrant Slaughter. If he has a super stock for Tyrant Slaughter, I’m not scared at all; it just means make sure he’s never in a position to land that shit, and I’m okay. But if he has a stock for an Aegis, it greatly limits MY offense because, well, there’s a fucking WALL right between you and me. Plus, you can still build meter WHILE Aegis is still on the screen and while you’re juggling your opponent! OMFG BROKE. And when you do finish a juggle, you have enough meter for another Aegis!! OH SNAPZ!

Also, wakeup EX Aegis is hella underrated…

Why is this thread still alive? Tyrant Slaughter sucks balls, Aegis is ownage, Urien = Aegis, aegisaegisseigiaiegieigaiegeaiaegis, end of story.

Urien cannot be solid without aegis
It makes his matchups even worse

Who cares if SA1 deals nice damage, it would take forever to land it

Aegis is just too damm versatil
Use Aegis or you’re pretty much dead.

If that’s the techincal way to say it then yeah. Throw into corner, Lp Aegis and then throw out low attacks to force them to block low with c. mk or something to that affect.

And maybe I am using Aegis wrong, but then again, I’m new to this and Urien is my “project” character. It would be nice to get awesome with Aegis, but for right now, I’m comfortable with Tyrant Slaughter. The only problem I would encounter is being over eager and trying to reach with a Chariot Tackle and have my link into TS blocked…

I’m not saying that Aegis is horrible, because it has a lot of uses and many people have shown how great it is…I’m just not one of them at this point. My Aegis set ups are particularly weak and my juggles aren’t exactly RX quality, but hey I’m working on it.