Non-Common Ground 360 PCB Question

I’m trying to convert my PS modded stick to a 360 pcb.

I’ve looked and tested out a wired one.
I’m okay with now having to run a ground from each button to pcb, buthow you could wire a Sanwa to the dpad as it only has one ground and the pcb wants a ground for each direction.

How would this work?

Thanks… using a pad is driving me nuts!:looney:


  1. Remove the existing board with the microswitches from the JLF and put in four regular microswitches in their place. Run two wires from each direction on the pad to each direction microswitch.
  2. Use a dremel to cut the traces on the microswitch board, and solder two wires to each direction.
  3. Buy a JLW and use it instead, running two wires from each direction to each microswitch.

And the only way you could do it and still use the 5 pin wire harness:
4. Make an adapter board using a hex inverter and a 4066N analog switch IC. Schematics are buried way back in the padhacking thread. You can buy one from me for $10 assembled, but shipping would cost more than the board itself, so if you have any circuit building experience, building would be a cheaper option. Failing that, pick options 1-3 and toss the wire harness.

Much thanks! :lovin:

What an almighty PITA! x2 the pain.


What about soldering those switch legs on the board?

It’s not that bad. Just buy 4 Cherry microswitches and put them in instead of the PCB assembly thats already there.

or get the godlike classic LS-32

Thanks for the help. :lovin:

I had an LS-32-02 so being impatient I chopped up the pcb on that and wired it onto the L analog.

Worked great, I just never liked it much on this Agetec cause of the short stick.

I’ll need to look into modding it for a longer one and it’d be perfect.
Also you can see in the other pic that I’m using no blue restrictors.
It seems ok, but will try and fit that dark blue one on correctly cause it looks sort of octagonal.

Failing that it’s back to the Sanwa after some similar mod.

Otherwise it’s totally smeggin sweet. :tup:

Madcatz just lost my TE buy. :wgrin:

P.S Also really want to replace the metal top but getting plastic cut seems a pain. :sad:

I just stuck this sticker there for now.