Non-existent qualifier thread


I want a spot.



No seriously

Well, now there are three people on the team:

Jason Wilson
Ric Taylor
Juan Camargo

As of Final Round last night.

Two more left which will be determined in the next couple of months…

If I can train someone on what I do for my job in time then I will make it to EVO!

i want the spot… i don’t want to make a trip anywhere besides evo. im down for online play on whatever console… preferably xbox360

Nightmare: The tournament is not online though. You have to play against the other people somehow in an offline setting.

I see what your saying. An upcoming tourney somewhere? Vegitax is having a tourney in june in new orleans. Is that too late to have a qualifying tourney there.

If we have a qualifying tournament, it’s going to be in Nashville…

Well I’m sure fucked out of a spot then

Let me know. I’ll play more seriously this time. but gs to rick and juan. Congrats!

yeah you will seriously lose harder :looney:

jokes aside we need an sthd qualifier. in miami!

nothingxs: LOL, if it was that simple, then yeah. It all honesty, if Nelson S was gong to EVO he’d get a spot I am sure, but as far as I know, he’s not. Mavrick traveled and earned his spot…the only other way to make it fair unfortunately is the travel.

I can think of one other way to make it fair. Any Atlantic South members AT EVO we can have a last minute tourney to determine a spot, and I have one qualifier in Nashville, or I just pick someone for the 4th spot. I think the AT EVO 5th spot qualifier is the most fair thing to do.

i’m down to earn my spot at evo. if nothing else i can help mavrick practice and i’ll live vicariously through ric’s coconut power.

Ric “Mavrick” plays Bison and Juan “MPR” plays with Honda. I’m not going to evo so I didn’t compete in the quals at FR12. I advise ric and juan to get dreamtr xbox tag, so you guys can train up. Playing against an og like jason wilson will level you guys up before evo2k9. Good luck at evo and make the southeast proud.

Hello Guys,

Dream we played last night on SF4, Same Tag, And also used to play Cvs2 together online back on XBox. I live in Orlando, but I’m 100% planning to go to EVO this year. I play a pretty mean Boxer in STHD. So I’d love to play for the last 2 spots so definitely keep me in mind.

Also Ric Taylor can vouch for me, We play a lot together(haven’t much since SF4 came out) But he knows I can Box so to speak.

Googlemyname: they just cancelled the tournament, LOL! It’s not changed to SF4, so I might as well make a new thread. I’m just going to pick people instead of have qualfiers. 2 I know for sure I am going to pick, but I think I need to find out who is good and who is going, so I’m hitting up the Orlando thread…

They Cancelled the STHD Tournament you mean? And now it’s switched to SF4? I’ve been playing SF4 even more so I’d love to be a candidate and show you what I got. Trent is the reason I’ve been playing SF over the years, He Got me into Cvs2 and been playing tournament league since. So either way I’m going to EVO to support the Southeast Team or play on it.

Yep. You’ve got a chance to be on the team, just in small numbers…Trent automatically gets on no matter what if he wants because of the GameStop thing, but if he does not want to play, then we have another open spot…it’s ultimately my decision to pick 4 members, but I want it to be fair for everyone too…have to figure out how to exactly do that, though