Non FG's that help you train to get better at FG's

I’m a fighting game fanatic at heart. But besides the obvious training and practice it takes to become skillful in any fighting game, I feel there’s other games that can help you improve in certain areas that can benefit you in any fighting game.

The best trainer for fighting games in my opinon is QTE Title. It’s found in the Dreamcast classic Shenmue. It really helps with reaction timing along with speed and accuracy of button presses.


Another one is the Megaman X series. It really requires precision timing and jumping along with button presses to create a fast-paced experience. It translates to fighting game skill as well. If you use Zero in Marvel vs Capcom 3, playing these games will definitely help you understand the character even more.

Please post your ideas below. I would like to hear what games helps you guys improve your fighting game skill level!!

Dance Dance Revolution

Playing Megaman X… Will help you understand MvC3…

So with that logic…
I’m going to play an X-Men game for SNES, use Wolverine, and I’ll be better while using him in MvC3 as well…

Although, I will say that Shenmue’s fighting engine does good things in terms of VF and such… It’s still fighting the computer.

Last thing I’m going to mention…
Reaction games do a great deal of things for your overall ability to play any other type of game, and to somewhat of a lesser degree, rhythm games.

i think games like bayoneta and godhand are good ones, but you cant button mash them if you want to recieve something from them. you have to play them looking for specific moves and/or combos. in those games youre gunna have to bait out certain situations to even start or use specific move/combos. i mean its not the best way but its a fun alternative.

I also like ikaruga to practice spacing, movement, and patience. Also the game teaches a lesson in using defense for offense and vica versa and then how to switch to and fro from offense, defense, defense as offense, and offense as defense AND the all important FG skill… when to do nothing. watch some ikaruga vids and check out when the ‘top players’ do nothing… then go try that stage yourself… then realize how doing nothing is actually a tool… now move that mindset to FGs.

also rythm games like ddr for the obvious

just my opinion… also I use lots of cooking, health awareness, and mind/body/soul mix FGs into everyday RL

how does DDR improve your fighting game skill ? …im genuinely curious .

You guys should check this out … just a little flash game which simulates millias overheads from guilty gear and switches them up with with low moves . I think it really helps situation specific reaction time rather than twitch reactions .

I agree megaman x is a good game. Helps you learn to read patterns dodge and zone etc.capcom games helping other capcom games.

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Incorrect, I said playing Megaman X will help you understand Zero in MVC3. When using him, I literally felt like I was playing Megaman X all over again. I’m pretty sure Megaman X games are more well designed in platforming, timing and reaction elements than any Wolverine game on SNES(and there are some bad ones).

If you’re into Virtua Fighter, Shenmue obviously would correlate directly into that. But the QTE title mini-game can apply to any fighter.

I never thought about using any SHMUPS to increase fighting game ability, it actually does make sense!!

You’re an idiot, and not worth me arguing with.

My point still stands.
Playing as a character in one game wont affect me in another.
“Understand”? So I’ll understand what? Understand the mechanics of a character when the engine is completely different from one to the other? Understand the character’s story line? Understand what? Nothing that you learn about a character in an adventure game can transfer over to another genre. Playing Megaman games in general never really helped anybody “understand him” that used him in MvC/2.

I’m sure playing InFamous wont help you understand using him in SFxT… Using MewTwo in Pokemon never helped any Smash player understand him in that game.

I’ve heard playing fighting games will help you get better at fighting games

It’s just a rumor though

Not a game but playing piano or guitar will really help with execution.

the OP is kind of crazy lol but the idea still stands. Certain non fighting games help you get better @ fighting games.

puzzle games, in particular magic drop 3 etris attack, can improve reaction time, pattern recognition and forethought while playing incredibly fast. Magic drop 3 on that pro level is faster than any modern fighting game out right now. Its the 2nd fastest game I’ve ever played right behind mvc2. MUCH faster than vampire savior.

the manic shooters from Japan also incorporate pattern recognition and forethought, but they REALLY help on identifying spacial relationships. Not only do you have to remain safe, you have to remain safe while moving to other places.

FPS games aren’t that great to train for fighting games. While there are some similar concepts, it just seems they are far and few between. Other than pure reaction time, not much else transfers over and this is coming from a CS 1.6 CAL player.

lastly LOL @ megaman x6 to help get ready for mvc3. SRK is on that cutting edge technology!

Playing with myself helped my transition to an arcade stick.

Bloodline Champions is an arena game that has many elements from fighting games (twitch/reactions, meter management, close attention to positioning, mind games). I feel that’s one game from which many elements translate to fighting games (and vice versa).

And like many others mentioned, rhytm games like guitar hero and dance dance revolution, anything that works on your hand eye timing coordination and rhythm sense.

But obviously there’s nothing that beats playing the fighting game you want to get better at :slight_smile:

And yet you still continued with the argument after you stated that I’m not worth arguing against. Clearly you have contradiction issues that need to be worked out within yourself, I hope that your internet personality finds some sort of sembalance one day.

Insulting another board member is against SRK rules. I will be sure to have you reported in hopes to minimize the elitist attitude that you and others who follow you need in order to stroke your internet ego. I have complete faith in SRK’s moderation crew to clean up the community away from posters who feel the need to insult others such as yourself. Thanks.

Shmups. Action games that aren’t mash friendly.

I know racing games don’t help :slight_smile:

You ever try real fist fights? After a couple, I think I got throwing hadokens in SF a bit easier. . .

Playing Magic The Gathering, Poker, and chess really improved my spacing.

Actually it’s been argued that all the potential best players of FGS in America are probably doing…other more lucrative things, like professional concerts or free throws.
No one whines about 1 frame note links in front of a crowd of tens of thousands.

there is more to fighting games than just hitting the buttons. A piano player might have the dexterity and execution but will they have the mental aptitude to break down fights and make the proper decision? playing piano doesn’t teach you that aspect of fighting games. There is no opponent when you play the piano either, its you playing the music.

you need both sides of the coin to be a good fighting game players, execution and intelligence related to fighting.

that doesn’t mean that a musician couldn’t play fighting games, I’m sure we have them on SRK but not every musician on earth could play fighting games @ a high level.