Non-Fighters on ZBattle

So aside from fighting games, which non-fighters do y’all like to play on ZBattle?

>TMNT4: Turtles in Time
>Super Ghouls N’Ghosts (Since it’s one of the hardest games on earth, it’s a fun game to show off by alternating players after one dies)
>Metal Warriors
>Contra III

Super Bomberman!!!

ISS Deluxe

Ya know I’m into SG’nG, but also I was into Super Mario All-Stars: Battle Game for a time. Very fun; I ran into some good players (Ronin? u_lose, and Abrham? not sure bout the spelling, but those 3 were the best I’ve seen I think, and I’d still love to watch some matches btwn these dudes or any other good players).

2020 Baseball!