Non fighting games that require quick reflexes and strategic thinking

I’ve been playing Tetris Attack for the past 3 days and this has to be one of (if not) the best puzzle game i’ve ever played. Can someone recommend me a few other games that require quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

Limbo I’d recommend to anyone.

Nothing off the top of my head, maybe a strategy game or playing some PC game with only the keyboard.



I got into a slight altercation a few weeks ago on campus when I overheard a guy say that RTS games require more execution than any other types of games. I pointed out that fighting games were a bit more demanding, but that made him rage.

However, if his nerd rage is any indication, try some RTS games. Who knows, if you get good enough maybe you can go E-sports and hook up with a hot Korean chick.

RTS, specifically starcraft is all about multi-tasking. Fighters are timing and dextrous based execution. Shooters/FPS are probably the most twitch and reflex based out of the bunch.

Bullet Hell games and Catherine. That’s just me, though.

Speed Chess.

Bloodline Champions. Have to give the game a shout out because of it’s niche 3v3 arena background that’s no where near casual friendly *thus nowhere near popular.

•Not a Moba; no towers, grinding creeps, straight up 3v3, last team standing wins the round. Best described as WoW arena/Warlock the Warcraft 3 custom map top down ish perspective like diablo mixed with some fighting game fundamentals and mechanics

•WASD controls, mouse aiming. The game is built on skill shots including heals and have to be aimed and no auto targeting abilities aside from buffs that specifically target team mates.

•Not graphically demanding but should check how your PC runs it. It’s one of those games you’d want at 60 fps. This laptop of mines is a 09 model and runs it at 60. A really junk laptop of mines ran it at 30-50. Can get by.

•matches end in 2 mins or less.

•Energy/Ultimate system is akin to EX moves and Supers. Medallions is akin to a universal EX ability used as a item. You build meter from effectively using your abilities like landing them or picking up a energy rune that spawns after a period of time. *often fought for positioning in order to grab those.

•For those that may love this mechanic, there’s some abilities called trance abilities, activates when hit with a projectile/melee attack and effects range from teleporting to the player that hit you for great damage/Teleporting at the point where your mouse cursor is, etc… Reaction/read based ability. Can be countered and stuffed with AoE abilities.

•Lots of variety of playstyles available and balance is really tight at high level. Anything goes below high level play though of course certain characters will have a easier time stomping a new player. Really hard to nitpick at balance, at the same time characters are cheap enough to be absolutely punishing if you let a player run rampant.

•Free to play. Devs allows you to pick two characters for free at the beginning, you gain currency for playing like other free to play models, buying another character isn’t too grindy in comparison to other models after recent revisions. Can go into the “training mode” or single player with bots to test out all available characters before you pick.

•Really fast paced and punishing if you make mistakes. Can be unforgiving at first but those with general game experience will catch on quick. Easy and quick to learn in that respect.

•Every game starts off at a neutral position where teams fight for greater positioning and momentum. The game rewards you for good spacing/positioning/court vision/good reactions and effective reads and offers you plenty of tools to do so.

•If a player, team mate or opposing player goes behind a pillar or wall, they’ll be behind the fog of war; can’t see through walls.

•Crowd control ranges from Blinds, slows, spell block if you press any ability within the duration, it’ll be locked out for a period of time. Can either wait it out or use an ability you don’t need, incaps, stuns these are rare and character specific for a good reason, knockbacks, projectile reflects, damage reduction, etc…

Notable flaws and things that you should know


•only 2 servers East coast US, and EU. THERE’S NO WEST COAST SERVERS. You won’t notice a disadvantage at first when you start out, but as you get to a higher level of play you’ll notice the difference between playing a good player at 70 ping vs one at 10 ping.

•Server quality may be terrible so you’ll have to check the scoreboard and hover over your ping to check if you get packetloss often enough. If you don’t you’re fine. Best recommended to not use wireless internet and get your shit wired.

•People can be absolute dicks ingame ranging from your opponents to even your team mates. Especially the low level players. Go into the game with thick skin and expect people to call you out on things that may or may not be true. If you want a more friendly experience message me, I’ll hook you up with a chill clan. Of course if you love to thrive in a salty environment after delivering as ass kicking that’s a completely different story.

-----------^ those are the flaws that may make or break your experience ^ ----------

•Playing as a healer is probably the toughest position to take. Don’t expect to be able to heal bot someone who fucked up and used all his defensive CDs and put himself in a bad position very likely he will die in seconds. You will get called out for someone else’s idiocy. On a really good note, healers in this game are encouraged to go on the offensive/pressure and crowd control while supporting your team mates.

•Start the game with dynamic camera on. Absolutely necessary. It’s enabled by pressing the middle mouse button. What it does is allow you to unlock the camera from locking unto your character and moves it your mouse cursor; expands your field of view. Being without it is like not being able to use your neck to turn your head.

Trying to help bring this niche game to those that haven’t played it and since it’s relatively unique. If you already played it; been there done that, you probably have your own reasons which I can respect.

It’s a great game that deserves more attention and a better publisher and servers

Here’s the finals at Dream hack 2012. It’ll use a overhead perspective instead of player camera but it’ll show the pace of the match and somewhat some similarities BLC between fighting games.

1st match starts @6:18

•Healers CAN NOT heal a player from 10% to 100%. Heals will reach a threshold of 40% of health recovered out of max HP. Therefore, if a player goes ham, gets punished and goes from 100% to 10%, a healer can at most heal him back to 50%. Furthermore a team will always outdps a healer’s main healing ability without being inflicted with crowd control from other team mates to help peel.

•Ranged abilities have a set max range based on the ability used. Projectiles can’t go full map, AoEs have a max range as well but can go behind walls.

•At the start of the round, the players will essentially use footsies. Outspace eachother, control for positioning, trying to bait eachother out and finding a way to gain momentum.

•Landing hits/heals will build meter, a energy rune will spawn at the middle of the map after a set period of time which gives about 40% energy. EX abilities cost 40%, “supers” are 100%.

•you probably won’t understand the specifics of whats going on, it’s not absolutely drowning in depth, but you can see the skill in this game if you look at it from a fighting game perspective. It’s simple but indefinitely requires skill to play at a higher level.

You can find this game on steam. Hope you notice it at the least lol. If you got any questions or complaints that need to be addressed message me on here. *Funcom support is absolute ass

Monopoly. You need quick reflexes to grab the car piece before anyone else.

/Naked dancing

metal gear online

OK. With that post out of the way.

Starcraft is amazing.

i dunno…every music game ever

Max Payne 3 mulitplayer

Play DDR/ITG and IIDX in the same day and you will walk out of a arcade with broken legs and wrists

Wait what strategic thinking do music games require? I thought they rely entirely on reflexes and muscle memory.

Quake 3? I know that in that game, if there’s something more important than shooting, it is to properly time each and every item in the map and movement is a huge part of it.

Try Ikaruga!