Non-launch tengu stone

The Oro forums have been dead for a while ever since me and huntersfl finished our silly banter, ahh how i miss it.

Anyway, something different we can hopefully discuss, thats tengu stone activated without the usual chicken combo launch. I have honestly never taken this idea seriously, I always find myself sitting on a full guage waiting for a parry or an opening, but having seen all the dirty/thanatos vids again, Ive noticed they do it a LOT. Oh, and btw im not talking about just throw into corner then activate, i mean you do about half screen distance away while the opponent is still standing.

Does anybody here use it frequently? If so:

a)Against which chars?

b)Do you cancel it off a fireball or something (Are things like cr.fp xx tengu, uppercut xx tengu, xx tengu safe when BLOCKED?)

c)Do you do it only when theyre in the corner?

d)If you’ve done it from a fair distance away, how do approach the opponent quickly and safely?? (Dashing could mean you eat an ex fireball,, a lot of stuff if you move predictably.). I was thinking something like a whiff far mk or mp in order to use the stones as a “shield”, followed by an immediate dash would be a good idea, perhaps.

e)Is there any decent reason to use EX tengu stone rather than normal tengu? (Other than the obvious scenario in which they’re within chip damage of being KO’ed)

f)Any other issues I may have missed?

I was thinking of changing the way I play Oro with Tengu to that of a more Nitto-yun style, by being a prick and building meter, then activating super as soon as i can and try and make the most of it - If it works, great, if it doesnt, oh well go build meter again. How does that sound?

It’s only really good if you have them cornered, Oro is fairly slow and immobile in the air, and can be stopped cold with walk and dash ins, as well as being incredibly easy to parry, and your only good determent for parries is throw, sadly which basically throws 1/3 of the meter away, you can use Grandpa Throw combos off of a crouching/close MK to make them fear random parries since it will make them actually eat some worthwhile damage, you basically get a 50% guess each time Oro attacks, and you take 4% of your life each time, so its in the opponents best interest to parry out until they realize a messed up parry will take 15% health. Oro also has some pretty shitty overheads, so even just blocking is good if you can take the chip. It’s useful but not as much so as nailing a chicken combo with it. 60% garunteed is better than anywhere from 0-50%.

The plus side to it is you neve rhave to depend on getting a close MP or air chicken off to get your damage so I guess it’s situationally useful!

I don’t play as Oro but I play against one a lot, and these are my observations pretty much.

fireball activation is completely safe, c.HP is very safe at full range.

Thanx for the info Henaki, Ure absolutely right about the damage output being so bad compared to chicken xx ex tengu. When the Oro who plays against you activates it without a throw into the corner, how does he get close to you? Does it work? Id like to know specifically because uriens an annoying matchup for me, always frustrates me into making a moves then does some cheap shit, basically I dont often often land ex tengu juggles on good uriens. Plus if i do ever activate from far off, his pokes seem to push me away. Does this happen with u?

I do it in the park, I do it in the dark, I do it…well I do it whenever I want.

He corners me through pressure or a combo, its mostly wasted otherwise. If you’re lucky he may even post in this thread!

Btw you can do some good crossups vs Urien with the stones if hes bad, just jump over LK, you can just walk under them though so stop once he actually figures that out :slight_smile:

semi unblockable goodness destroys scrubs. You can also do, then jump over mk crossup, that combined with the stones causes the break, then mk x command grab. Got enough to do that 3 times for about 80% damage :stuck_out_tongue:

Just poking your opponent to 1/2 health or less is easy for Oro. And Ex tengu or regular tengu and just seal the deal. It can be quite difficulty to get out of, EX is pretty much impossible with alot of chip damage.

To activate, throw out a LP fireball, cancel into super, and then follow your fireball. It’s completely safe unless they’re Chun Li with a full meter. I tend to use vanilla tengu quite a bit because it’s guaranteed damage.

a) Characters that I’m scared of getting hit by such as Akuma or Yun, and Characters that don’t do well against Tengu Stones, like Urien.

b) I always cancel it off a fireball, I think it’s safe on block but if you’re on the other side of the screen it won’t matter anyway :smiley:

c) I usually do it when they’re in the corner, but if we’re both at low health and the round is going to end soon I use it full screen, just to give me the edge. However sometimes this makes me a little cocky and I walk right into a DP or something.

d) It depends on the character, usually walking up is the best way, but sometimes I find myself jumping in, or dashing in close enough to use lk.

e) Not from full screen there isn’t, but if I have them in the corner I like to use EX every once in a while just to switch it up.

f) Use non ex vs. Akuma! I’ll get back to you with more.

I disagree, normal tengu stones has a higher damage potential that EX tengu stones, it’s just not guaranteed. Again, I would suggest using non ex on characters that have a tough time getting out of the corner, and definetly use it alot against Akuma. If you prevent him from teleporting out of the corner you can kill him with one tengu stone activation if you’re lucky.

I’m the Oro he plays and I usually jump in. If you do a good job mixing up your timing for the entire match they will be scared to parry when you jump in, and if you haven’t done a good job you’re very safe attacking with MP as soon as it’s going to touch his head. If he tries to throw you it will most likely come out before you touch the ground.

You can dash in if you want, just know that Urien has very long low pokes, but they are pretty slow, and you should have enough time to dash in between them.

It’s MK silly.

Does that mean EX?

Vanilla = normal tengu. Ive found recently against urien players, in order to get close is really effective (urien cant duck it), its usually a slow move but with the stones as backup you have enough time to carry on poking. Obviously you have to avoid any pokes they throw out from far away though.

Infact, is a poke ive started to use a lot more against urien because of his low punishability. The stun it has is pretty mental too.

I throw out MP all day mid screen against Urien, but if you have him in the corner and he has meter you have to be careful. He can parry, throw you in the corner and Aegis you into oblivion.

Edit: Oh look, me using random tengu stones!

Weird: Stand next to Urien, dash back, jump in mk, at a given height it hits him, no crossup.

Now activate stones next to him, dash back, jump in mk at same height. Now Oro lands on the other side! Mental!

well imo the best way to use random tengu is when they’re low on life. As sergio’s post shows a lotta times ppl start to do random things and make a lot of mistakes because they feel pressured by the ex stones. If you’re patient you should be able to get a couple pokes in which should equate into good damage and if they’re blocked its still good chip. Whenever i activate random tengu against kens i see a lot of ex air hurricanes cuz they think ill jump in or random uppercuts

Never before have I read anything on the internet that I can relate to so well. :rofl:

As for the Urien glitch, Jinrai talked about it in another thread. It’s good to do vanilla Tengu against him because crossing him up with MK is unblockable, which can further lead to st.MK>command grab.

One more thing: kara UOH is your FUCKING BEST FRIEND. Abuse that shit when tengu is activated (the kara is MK for those of you who don’t know…)

Mountain breaker?

So this crossup only works on urien? And has it been tested as being unblockable (or “semi” unblockable), even if urien goes to parry the mk?

And spectre ure absolutely right about the kara over head, its rly important if you end up poking your away from them. Against tall characters (only urien really cos most ppl use SAII vs alex hugo & dudley) you can use instead of the overhead, its faster, gets you close, and its very easy to bait a reaction for you to parry straight after, it still leaves you with many options.

What do you guys use as a “finisher” for normal tengu stone, is there really one at all? Do you go for throw or just carry on as per usual? I often charge partition into a final uppercut, you can hit confirm it because the stones let you connect 2 pokes. Though having said that its gonna be a bit random whether everything links or not :S Try just simply doing uoh (charge) uoh (charge) x fierce uppercut - awesome damage to finish off with!

You can walk/c.MP under it unless Oro knocks you down in the first place which is hard considering your only reliable knockdown vs a Urien that blocks low is throw, and both throws waste half your meter. I’d rather get thrown and risk the unblockable once considering thats less damage than taking a couple hits + chip damage. Theres only enough meter to do a regular throw and grandpa throw about once :3

sergio.'s usual finisher vs someone whos blocked his whole blockstrings tends to be standing HP, because it takes a while to recover from when blocked, so it’s not so great in a normal tengu string.

That charge partition isn’t really dependant on two UOH, just hold down for a quarter of a second, UOH then down, then uppercut is better because almost everyone knows the UOH partition. You could also down, UOH, c.LK Uppercut.

Thats a good way to get your ass thrown :rofl:

I usually throw but I also like doing s.fierce… for some reason.