Non-marvel,non-capcom characters that would have been ok thread

Rules: First, this is not a FANBOY:“omg cloud is like so awesome and stuff with his sword” thread

this is a person:"i think cloud would play more like nemesis with his long range and slow moves"thread.

third:do not flame because you do not like someones choice ie:"like, gosh, kyo kusanagi is so dumb"
because ironically it makes you look dumb.

last: please keep it down to at least two characters. If you would like to put more, or a long description of why, then put it in a spoiler,dood!
#1:Richter Belmont: this dude is pure own. he has the the range that Aurthur lacked
and the whip that ghost rider has. i think he would be a great addition, but i would use him mainly
for assists.
#2: Prinny!: You should have peeped this when i said dood, dood. not only would prinny come with
explosive projectiles (aka. other prinnies), close range destruction, and a hyper mode (from prinny 2:dawn of operation panties,dood.) BUT HIS LV3 WOULD DESTROY. prinnykaze, for those who don’t know, is a full screen, fully invincible attack. and hey, maybe he could explode for a taunt


This forum section is for UMvC3. Wishlist threads are stupid, and wishlist threads for characters that aren’t Marvel or Capcom are doubly stupid.

So much fail that it hurts.

pringles guy WITH curleh mustache!! :eek:

thats a great character. make it happen capcom.

Really? This is considered a flame nowadays? Wow. I feel bad for kids.