Non-prem dudleyy avatar request


doesnt need to be cool or flashy.
i just want one with dudley from sf3 with an upgraded curley moustache. really really big.
thats it!

if you can, make it animated turning curly to straight, or just make it grow/pulse.

HAW HWA HAWWWW:arazz::arazz::arazz:



I have to fix something.



dude this is better than i imagined. thanks a lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No problem dude


thats some slick shit vic :tup:


ha, ha, thanks Furious, I really appreciate it.


:rofl: good stuff on that


^Appreciate it and thanks for the rep


slick vic, you can be my avatar maker for all of my future shitty ideas :slight_smile:


lol, alright


lmfao, I love it


Ha haaa. Mustache avatars is too good