Non-premium Avatar Request

I was wondering if someone could make me an avatar?

I need it to be the non-premium size of 160x64 (or a size that looks good that a non-premium user could use).

I wanted the background to be of a winding road, and have my name “The11thHour” (no spaces or quotations) fading into the foreground (on the right side) from a “superspeed effect.” And I’d like the speed-blur to be like a pinkish yellow color, or a baby-blue/violet (indigo?) color. I don’t care about the color of my name or the road in the background.

If this isn’t too much trouble to ask (I hope it’s not!). And I know it sounds like one, but it doesn’t have to be a GIF. I actually think it would look cooler like a “frozen in time” still of my name superspeeding. =]