Non-profit artist seeks fighting game related projects!


I’m Debujin, a fighting games nut and fairly low-key member of the Shoryuken forum; what i haven’t mentioned around here so much is that i’m an artist, too. Recently, i’ve been wanting to get into my art more seriously, and so i looked to going to University to study - however, i can see now that it would take me far too long to train up seriously to do art as a profession, so it looks like it’s something i’ll be leaving to younger, more talented artists.

However, i’m still left with a yearning to get into art more seriously; and so i thought ‘Why don’t i combine my two passions of fighting games and artistry?’. And this is what i’ve come up with. My idea is basically to work completely without cost with anyone who wants artwork/graphics designed for their fighting game related projects - whether that’s tournament graphics, avatar design, logos, posters/leaflets, team livery, custom stick art, etc. Anything fighting games related is something i’m willing to work on, without cost, to those who require it done - there is no limit to what i’m interested in getting involved with.

If you’re interested in having me work with you on a project, i’d very much like to hear from you - my details are below. If you want to see the sort of art i’ve worked on in the past, my personal gallery is at - there’s a lot of fighting games fan-art in there, so you might find something you like!

If you’re interested, i’d really like to hear from you - questions and inquiries are welcome. I can be reached through the forum here, through my e-mail address at , or through the gallery link i just mentioned. I can even be contacted through my PSN username, which is Debujin .

So, if you’re interested in getting some free artwork for your cause, i’d be very interested in hearing from you - or if you know someone who is, it’d be fab if you’d pass my information along.

I look forward to hearing from you, and doing my bit to further the enjoyment of fighting games playing across the world(?).