Non-Sprite Avatars - Taking Requests!

Howdy. I’m new here. I’m taking requests for Avatars. Offer expires in a week when my classes start back up. I have the Street Fighter artbook, which has a large variety of sketches and images from every Street Fighter game. I also have a few random images that aren’t in the artbook. I’m happy to do avatars for non-SF games, but you must provide the artwork (no sprites).

If you would like an avatar, provide the following information:

1. Character(s)
If you are requesting a non-SF character, you must provide the artwork.

2. Costume color(s)
If you could provide me with some sort of palette for reference, that’d be great.

3. Background color
I will use a generic background in the color of your choice. You may also provide a background if you’d like.

4. Normal or Premium size

5. Any text you would like on the avatar
Your name, a phrase, it’s up to you but keep it short.

I will not:

1. Animate anything
Because I suck at animating, and if I did it would probably make you cry.

2. Make a sprite-based avatar
Because there are tons of people doing that already.

You don’t have to give me credit or anything. Just doing this for fun.

Please make requests in this thread, and not through PMs.

Finished Avatars:



i want to see some previous work, newbie.

Ha :slight_smile:

I made my own. Haven’t made any others yet.

But I mean, if you break it down, it probably takes 30 seconds to type up a request, so worst case scenario I’m robbing you of a half-minute of your life.


Wow, I guess I don’t need to make a request thread lol. What does this make? 6 active request threads?

Yeah, something like that. I just thought I’d offer, since I have a free week.

You’re not counting mine as active, are you?

I’ve been so busy/lazy I haven’t touched it in a couple weeks.


Well, if you’ll just make it (Which is quite generous) would ya work me up something with hugo or dudley? All the rest is up to you, but heres ur info:

Characters: Hugo/Dudley
Costumes: Blonde/Pink (Medium Kick and Fierce Punch respectively)
Background Color: Something that compliments either yellow or pink, whichever you decide to do.
Normal size.
Don’t need to put my name in it, but if you could that’d be cool. Honestly hunting for a good font can suck, and if you don’t want to that’s cool.

Quiche, you’re still up for business? thought you ended.

If I request through a flaming message arrow to your room with a sack of golden toonies and Shania Twain the next day, will you do an av for Bear of the Northern side of pride?

Kalypso, go ahead. You might just switch it in 2 hours tops like the rules say. But hey, Dec 2005ers should stick together.


So confused.

same here.

that was total fuckachunkz on bear’s part.

So, you gonna enter that av in ABC X like you promised, or what?



Lack of alcohol after 12. Sorry. I’ll translate:

Quiche, is your thread still open? I thought it was closed. Or you weren’t accepting new requests.

Rolling Bomber Special event quote.(like you didn’t see it). Or PM you as a non violent alternative.

Toonies == $2 coin. Quiche, if I asked for an av via request, would you make one?
No, you won’t get Shania.

Kalypso is easily swayed by the opinions of others. He’ll probably change the av in moments if even I, his new best worst arch nemesis, said it sucked. No Offense to your skill, thread starter.

Mad love to 05 posters.

It’s all good. Let me get a few things straight.

  1. Yeah, I joined in December 2005. But honestly, the few examples on these forums that I’ve seen of “old school” SRKers berating us newbies are ridiculous. Nothing like turning newcomers away from a dying scene, right? (But I know you made that comment tongue-in-cheek, don’t sweat it).

  2. Please don’t start (or continue) beef with other people in this thread. This is my thread, and it’s totally unrelated to your personal quarrels. They’re cool and all, I spent the last two years of my life on MMO forums and I’ve had my share of e-peen battles, but please just do it somewhere else.

  3. I give exactly two shits if someone changes their avatar an hour after I finish it. Honestly, I don’t care if people use them. I’m making this thread because I’m new here, so I’m trying to get to know people, and because I don’t start my serious classes for another week and my design finger is itchy.

Bear, thank you for the new addition to my vocabulary (toonies wtf).

Kalypso, I will totally make you an avatar. Should be done tomorrow.

Quiche, you’ll have it by the end of tomorrow, seriously.


I try to keep crap out of other peoples threads. Murt did the same thing in the 3s forum, I ignored him there as I will bear here.

Thanks for the service, I’ll come back tomorrow for teh godliness.

The fact that you fucking ASKED me to tell you what I found wrong with your post completely negates your “erm ya i didn’t argue w/ him cause i didnt wanna keep crap in ur thread!!1!” argument. kthxdie.

Sorry to post this in your thread Aksidenz, I just needed to clear that up lol. :smile:

It’s all good, but please just keep it to PMs.

Kalypso, your avatar’s done!

I just used a “K” for your name. I thought it looked better. If you’d like a version without it, or a version with your full name, just let me know and I’ll make it for you.

Holy shit that’s awsome!!!

Hmmm… I’d like one with no name, but only if you still have the PSD saved (You can just remove it in 3 seconds).

Really cool, thanks so much, haha.

Also, where did ya get the artwork from? I know pink dudley’s probably the most common costume, but yellow hugo I never see unless it’s me playin O.o

Here you go:

I have a ton of SFIII Art, but it’s all in the normal 1P colors. I bring them into Photoshop and change the colors… not too hard at all.


This place is a good refernce for color swaps