Non-traditional stick cases/shells

I like crazy alternate stick shell/case ideas (the chessboard, cardboard box, etc.). I made a Happ stick from a PS2 shell, but the shell cracked in a bad spot and I need to rebuild it, albeit in something else.

I’ve always been kind of a nut for traditional things done in different ways, so I thought I’d get a second or third opinion on looking for an alternative. What can you folks think of for a 6 button/start/select that isn’t just the traditional wooden box or variation thereof?

Use a small drum…a snare maybe?

I’m thinking of making a case out of Legos, and just superglue the pieces together…

i saw a cigar box once

There was a guy who was showing his off quite a while ago. I think he made it out of carbon fiber which is neat shit. It was all rounded, no straight surfaces; like playing with a stick coming out of a fat girl’s boob, and buttons all over the other boob.

I still want to see someone make one of clear acrylic, but with a working fish tank underneath. Fuck that’d be heavy. Or a built-in working GBA or PSP.

The Sega CD add-on for the orginal, bigger Genesis is a good size for an arcade controller. I found one recently. It’s built like a tank. it would probably hold up to punishment pretty good.

And maybe there’s a way to lay it out so the CD drive can slide out to form a cup holder or ashtray or something.

^^ i believe it was the mullah

and it looked more like a professional biking helmet IIRC

i wonder what happend with that

I seen one of all arcrylic and it had cold cathode lighting in it. that was sexy.

I made one out of a pumpkin… i sprayed art adhesive to it so it wouldn’t rot, stuck the buttons and stick in… wired it up… then guess what?
i realized, the adhesive wasn’t in the slots i cut out for the buttons, so about a week later, before i was 100% complete, it started getting molded, and the buttons and stick fell through… i had a giant mess… fucking gay.

Tupperware box. As a matter of fact, if I don’t have a wood box to build my next one out of, that’s what I’m going to use.

I thought about using a cutting board and a pyrex casserole dish, then I decided against it. =)

I want to see a paper mache stick.

i also want to build a stick out of sheet rock.

oh yea i forgot

was it leavel? leveal?
made a stick out of two small boxes with the stick on one and the small buttons on the other
and they connected via dbs
quite unique and impressive i say

yeah, he made that.

yo, I just stole your idea.

I was thinking of making one out of a thick book. I might do a glued acrylic one eventually. Massed produce vacuum formed sticks once I build my vacuum former. Also thinking of doing metal hehe. But whatever piques my interest is what I build. I need new tools :(.

We might have to work out some deals to make and swap parts. I just got my CNC machine in earlier this week :slight_smile:

oooh :3. I’ll let you know when I finish the vacuum former. It should be sometime in June.