Non XF TAC Tricks. Different types and who can do them?


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So basically there’s this trick that people don’t use enough with specific characters that allows you to force the opponent to guess between two TAC’s. Supposedly Zero, Spiderman, Morrigan and Chun were the main 4 that can do it. Though I’m trying to figure out if any other characters can for sure and how? Anyone know?

Although people have discovered that you can also use flight to make this technique work. Which I’m supposing is how Pzpoy and Marlin Pie are able to do this with Doom and Phoenix now.

** NEUTRAL STATE AIR DASH TRICK (Zero, SpiderMan, Chun, Morrigan)**

Looking to see if this can be done with Viper, Magneto, Dante (DT or non DT), or any other character with air dash, flight or other options that keep them in the air.

**Known characters this works with = Zero, Spiderman, Morrigan, Chun, Doom, Phoenix, Shuma.

WHIFF UP TAC BACKDASH TRICK (Supposedly most characters with backwards air dash or double jump)
Apparently you backdash before doing up TAC so it whiffs and if they tried to input a break during that, it locks them out and gives you a free TAC of your choice after.

5 minutes in with Doom!

5 minutes in with Phoenix.

Will get into more speicifics like flight or air dash later.

Ultimate Guide to Cap: Combos/Tech/Resets/Set Ups/Videos/etc

Also mentioned in the description that Shuma can do it.


Ammy and Hsien-Ko can do it too.


Both the OP and the guy above me are confused.

The guy above me is posting videos of doing TACs just before you hit the ground so your character doesn’t tag out which is completely unrelated to the OP.

The OP is mixing up this glitch which appears to only work with Spiderman, Zero, Chun Li, Morrigan and Shuma Gorath with the “glitch” that involves whiffing a TAC and then doing another one straight after that will hit (if they try to break the first one and fail, then they can’t break the second). This usually involves airdashing away first to the first one whiffs (so basically all airdash characters can do it I’m pretty sure). Though there are many other ways such as Rocket Raccoon’s rocket skate and Deadpool’s double jump.


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I am/was not confused. The thread is about being able to cancel a TAC from one direction to another, (in order to take a meter away from your opponent), without the use of X-Factor. Though characters can do this in other ways as you also said.

To clarify my post, in the first video, Ammy demonstrates this twice, with her own unique glitch, at 1:12 and 1:42. In the second, Hsien-Ko demonstrated the propensity or ability to also do so, a ‘concept’ of the non-FX TAC if you will.

Although Devil Jin mentioned using the glitch to cancel a TAC from one direction into another direction without X-Factor, you can also use the TAC cancelling glitch to not only modify when you performed the actual TAC exchange, but to also adjust your position on screen when you perform the TAC exchange, like how Liquidmetal does so with Phoenix when he demonstrated the initial Magneto TAC infinite. And the TAC cancelling can also be use for combo extensions, which was shown in the beginning of the Ammy Cherry Bomb glitch video I posted.


No, those are not TACs cancelled into other TACs. They’re just breakable TACs that hit just before landing causing the second character to not come out. Your examples in the ammy video are just the person doing that glitch and then raw tagging in spencer. The TAC glitch that OP is talking about is when you have a setup to do 2 tacs in quick succession where if the first one is attempted to be broken and fails, then the second one is guaranteed.

Also with the Up TAC to an airdash character setup. If you are a Phoenix player you can mash side exchange in the initial combo. Then if they go up you can keep mashing side until you see them airdash/double jump (cause they can go straight for side exchange again if you’re just waiting), as soon as you see a side airdash then you just need need to wait for the second TAC or for them to delay and TAC side next to you. You have enough time to be able to break the last TAC, unless of course they decide to xfactor at this point then you’re screwed.



With the double TAC tech that I’m talking about. How would I do it with Viper? Do I double jump away from them? I tried that but it whiffs and get too far away to try another TAC.


I haven’t tried it with Viper yet. The only double jump I’ve seen it is with Deadpool as my main training partner has deadpool on his team. He normally jumps up/back and TACs really early, then does it again and the 2nd one hits. Viper might have a better job doing the normal airdash backwards whiff TAC into 2nd TAC.

I get home in a few hours and I’ll try out most of the cast for you if you want.



That’d be cool. If you could make a list of what works for each character that’d be even better.

Also is there like a legit name for this technique?


airdash upback/downback after an up tac, then do side/down tac right after. ski dubbed it the EXE glitch. also, fourthstar and i were doing this way back at knockout fights 2 lol.

@5:00. im still pretty sure any airdash char can do it but dormammu


OK I ran a quick test and from what I can see all the characters with an air backdash can do the regular dash back whiff up TAC, then go for another. This list doesn’t include Thor (his TAC whiffs last too long), DT Vergil (pretty much the same here),Tron (her TACs hit way too far, have to delay heaps to make them whiff, then she can’t get a 2nd one out) and Zero (though he can just dash cancel his first TAC when TACed into anyway). Trish needs to instead do a backjump as her 2nd TAC whiffs if you do the backdash first. Viper has to dash down/back to do her one. I got Dorm’s to work at double jump height.

In terms of double jumpers I’ve gotten it to work with Deadpool, Viewtiful Joe and Captain America (down TAC for the second one only) all by jumping up/back.

And a couple of extra ones I’ve gotten are Rocket Raccoon down/back rocket skates, Firebrand qcb+H move and Wesker by simply whiffing TAC just above their head and then falling with H into TAC. I suspect alot of other characters will be able to do it like this.


OK thanks I’m clear on these now lol…

How did you get it to work with Captain America? I’m unable to get do it with him in particular


Yeah with Captain America you can’t use this to get a side TAC from what I tried (may work at higher heights). You need to jump back and whiff an Up or Down TAC and then you can hit a down TAC after the whiff. Side doesn’t reach. Still a good way to gain a meter though.

I encourage people to try work stuff out with their own characters, like how I found a setup with Wesker.


Thanks, yeah I’ll look into that. I’m going through a few Cap teams at the moment but that will definitely help as I’m getting infinites down with the other characters I use. Appreciated ^^


Can somebody get footage of Phoenix doing the trick?



5 minutes in.


That was badass. Can she do it without TACing into her first though?


Well the way it works off a regular TAC is that the opponent is in a soft knockdown state giving you time to whiff a TAC and then hit another one. In a regular combo the only way for phoenix to put them in a state like that is combo into d+H in the air then whiff a side TAC and then go into any TAC she likes. It doesn’t work with doing an Up or Down TAC because they last too long and in a regular combo she’s too close to the ground. So it’s an idea to get a down TAC if you know your opponent is mashing down.


I thought almost any airdash character can do the XF TAC trick coming off a TAC. The reason the ones mentioned in the early video are good(Zero,Spidey etc) is that they don’t require a previous TAC to setup the trick.