*Noob* 1st custom stick (Mayflash) / NO 56k

Hi I joined the forum about a month back when a friend (Meanbeanmax) got me back into Street Fighter again and pointed me to this forum. I got tired of playing with the crappy Xbox 360 controller but since finding a decent stick is impossible atm. I decided go with the Mayflash case with a Sanwa JLF and buttons.


  1. Xbox 360 packaged and sanwa parts


  1. Extracted Xbox PCB


  1. sodering wires to xbox pcb


  1. PCB screw up (Was using to large of a gauge wire and ruined the circuit. Luckly there are alternates on the back)


  1. Completed Xbox 360 pcb


  1. Stock Mayflash


  1. Inside of stock mayflash


  1. Disassembled mayflash case


  1. Dremeling Mayflash case


  1. Modded Mayflash complete


  1. Mocked up Sanwa and PCB


  1. PS3 pcb for menu buttons


  1. Cut ground circuits for PS3 menu pcb


  1. Completed MaySanwa wiring


  1. MaySanwa Complete

All and all it wasn’t too hard kinda of fun actually. I will do better on the next one; which will be made from wood. Want to thank Meanbeanmax for the parts and all the advice on putting this badboy together.

Hey, a question from someone who is trying to do the same thing :looney:

The strip with screws in it that you use to connect wires together, what is it called? Do you use it so you can remove the buttons without desoldering wires?

Terminal strip/block.

Danke! :smiley:

Good job, im doing the same thing, but how come no custom art?

Laziness, I just wanted to get the stick together and start playing. This won’t be my last one the next one I’ll make really nice.

Like said above a terminal, yea I basically wanted to be able to take it apart with ease if I screwed something up or wanted to make a change.

where do you get those terminal & how much are they?

I suggest using some kind of custom art on the top panel especcially to cover up the screws holding the jlf.

however, thats awesome for your 1st mod !!!


wait you can get PS3 button out of the Mayflash by cutting the grounds??

I’ve seen terminal strips at lowes and radio shack, a few dollars if I remember correctly

Yea, the screws are ugly I’ll get some custom art later on.

Yea I just piggy backed them from the Xbox 360 PCB with power and ground. (I’m sure there is a term for that I’m not using.)

Where did you order your parts from? I’m having a hard time finding a reputable place to get em. Most of the links in the guide are no longer active.

Great stuff, but cover those screws up with art! lol

nice build looks good…

nub alert! all the buttons ive seen have qd’s why would soldering be involved if u can just simply disconnect the buttons to swap them out>? ive read something similiar in a different thread so just trying to get a clear answer…

My friend had a spare JLF and buttons he sold me. Right now all the vendors are back logged for weeks. I think you can get Sanwa buttons on Ebay but getting a JLF will be hard to come by.

I didn’t know they had qd’s for the buttons but now that I think about it you could probably make them pretty easy.

Good job Ohdayam. :rock: Now you can throw down, proper style. Now get that headphone jack installed so I can rack up some wins against you. :wgrin:

so you disabled the turbo and used the turbo button for home buttons?