Noob 3s question

I would like to have an arcade version of 3s in my house. what exactly should I be looking for? i’ve heard the words supergun and jamma thrown around but have no clue as to exactly what they are. can someone clarify? thx

supergun = a device that allows use of JAMMA PCB’s on your TV
CPS3 consists of Motherboard, SCSI CD drive (with cables) disc and cartridge

sd i’d need a supergun and cps3 set to set 3s up? that all? how much would I be looking to spend?

Maybe $500-$600. You need the obvious two you mentioned up there. But you’ll also need to get your battery replaced, so you’ll need to pay shipping to and from the guy. You’ll also need to pay him for doing it so god knows how much that will be.

R o c k L e e
If you want to be on the safe side, get it for xbox.

PS: You have Spotti on the avatar? Get Zlatan instead ^_^. Oh, and good luck with Sven Göran Eriksson.

If you are going to use a supergun, it simply is not worth it imo. Play the PS2 or X-box instead.


If you want a cabinet american cabs are about 300$, japanese cabs are about 600 for singles and 900 for doubles.

The cps3 board and shit with a fixed 3s is about a grand…

ps2 is looking awful good right now isnt it?

I wouldn’t say a grand. But they are hard to find. I found one for 230$ and 50$ shipping. Unfortunately, it was the Asian version.

You can buy a used one from Co-op express for 500$ shipped. Say you paid someone another 75$ to change out the battery for you, then shipping to and from and you’ve got at least another 100$ in it. So around 600$. Get a decent cab for 3-400$ so you’re looking at about a grand for everything.

when do COE ever have 3s kis in stock tho ? bear in mind COE are basiclaly re-sellers also, anything over $500 from COE - you have to pay via Bank T.T, so if the game costs $475,plus $40 shipping, you gotta pay them via bank and not paypal

i’d deal wih - much better sevice

Oh I always thought they had them in stock, like when I go to the site it says available for purchase :confused:

Megalo: I found a 3rd Strike cabinet in the town I live. Full Capcom 3rd Strike cabinet with everything. My friend told me the place had it when he was there a year ago…lo and behold, the machine is “out of order”. When I asked the guy working there about it he said it’s ‘broke and it’s getting fixed’.

Obviously this is a case of suicide battery, and I doubt they will ever get it fixed.

I was thinking about making an offer to the guy for the cabinet and “broken” CPSIII board inside. How much u think I should offer him?

if you REALLY think it is the battery and it isnt a japanese version then the board cant be salvaged bro sry.

I concur, if its a US 3rd strike, and its dead cart it would be hassle, unless of course you buy it up and then grab an asian cart and cd.

what type of cab is it ?

I don’t understand…so your saying the CPSIII is now worthless?? I thought just the cart was dead and you can replace it (the cart) :confused: I’m confused.

And hell no I don’t want the Asian version. I’d rather play on PS2 than have to deal with fucked up voices lol.

Oh, and the cabinet is 25 inch I believe, US style cab, two capcom p360 joysticks, buttons etc. Player two side is jacked, and the cab is beat up. But the screen appears to be ok (only thing I care about). Is 250 a good price to offer? He’s under the impression the machine is broke so it’s worthless to him.

Only Capcom Arcade Japan repair 3rd Strike boards, thing is they only repair japanese version specificaly. So if it is a US version and the batterys dead, there’s no way you’re getting the life back in that thing, it will be useless.

Finding anything but an asian cart is basically impossible. I don’t think 3rd Strike was sold alone (cart+cd) to begin with.

Even if I found a US cart or an Asian cart?

ParryAll, if you think you can find a working US cart only then by all means grab it, but as I said it will be hassle, IF however you dont mind having the Asian version, then grab the CPS3 dead kit and grab an Asian cart and CD, re-wite the data and voila - working Asian 3s - I dont think your gonna find a working US or Japanese cart on its own tho.

there is no region protection on the motherboard itself so tha can be used in conjunction with another cart/cd combo

Asian cart will also work with a US CD… :wink: Though it will boot as an Asian version… :frowning:

So I can use a Jap Cart + Cd as well?

You’re saying I will never find a Cart or CD from any region (US, Japan, Asia) by itself though?

You can get an Asian cart, but a US or JP cart ALONE is going to be almost impossible to find.

The cd’s can just be burned, the .iso files are out “there”.