Noob Alert!


Okay here’s a rather noob question, I did some searching but couldn’t find any info.

I’m thinking about using my spare SE stick for my little cousin to use (as he’s getting into FG’s). He likes the feel of my LS32 and PS-14 buttons, but he’s no good with a square gate. A friend of mine has a JLF with an octo gate, and he doesn’t like the feel of the JLF, but he has a much easier time with the octo gate.

So my question is, is there an octo gate that is for the LS31 series? I know the LS55 (I think?) have an optional octo gate to them.





I found it, apparently the ls32 doesn’t have an octo gate available. However I can move to a LS-56-01 with a MS plate, and purchase the octo-gate. But the LS-56-01 is a lot stiffer with a shorter deadzone than that of a LS-32-01.

Who would’ve ever guessed there was so much involved in this?


there are circle gates for jlf in the trading forum get them from eczangief or sasuke182 and u can adjust the spring in jlfs to make it stiffer. follow this guide


LS-32 also has a cheap circle gate since no one mentioned that. Just buy that if you already have an LS-32.