Noob anti-air question



What is your favorite anti-air normal? What do you find the most effective? I’m not too concerned about damage (but hey, doesn’t hurt to know if so), more so looking for momentum interruption.

I mained Ken since Vanilla and have grown to be pretty comfortable but haven’t leveled up with him in quite a while. I recently picked up Dudley and learned from Smug videos that his duffs a LOT of the game.

Does Ken have anything like this that I don’t know of and should abuse more often for avid jumpers? I had just recently watched Momochi vs. Daigo in December of 2013 and didn’t really catch any effective anti-air besides mp.shoryu.

(also, if anyone cares to add, feel free…Why does Momochi use mp.shoryu as an anti-air over fp.shoryu?)


Mp.srk has more invincible frames and deals more damage. Hp.srk invincible frames cover the low hitbox period of the hp.srk making it a bad antiair.
Use mp.srk generic, lp.srk for speed, ex.srk for invincibility, c.hp for ease/specific uses, s.lp/ for slow dives, air to air hp for fast dives, for countering some situations, for evading some situations.


Alway Mp dp. Ex dp for damage. has a decent angle. Far. at distance.


You can catch some empty jumps at land with a slick karathrow


Ken’s normals have very limited antiair ability, mostly match-up specific. You can for example stuff a yang/yun dive kick with st lp/lk, but in general buttons that usually work for other shotos like far st mp and especially cr hp have sub-optimal hurtboxes so you’d better avoid them. If you want a more reliable non dp antiair you have to go air to air. Jump forward hk (pressed early) will beat most air attacks. You can also neutral jump mp for close jumps, or mk for jumps from further away.