Noob builder... are parts from Jammaboard good?

Sup people i have been playing street fighter since snes days. and just got back into street fighter with 4 and i am loving it… always been a pad player but want a stick.

I would like to build my own stick have been to various sites researching ideas and things and noticed that sanwa or semitsu parts are what’s generally used in custom sticks. since this would be my first stick project… are buttons and sticks from decent to use… I am not going into any tourny’s but would like to build this stick… everyone seems to have stop taking orders (lizard lick) or are very back up… kind of excited to get this started …anyway let me know if you can…about by the way i would be using a wired madcatz 360 controller

Gamertag indelible001

I’ve used Jamma boards for Jamma stuff. They’re fine for that. No idea what type of buttons and sticks they carry.

But they’re reliable from the service/shipping side of things.

I see… Thats why i was hesitant about them… it seems like they carry japanese style buttons but not the official sanwa or seimitsu buttons or sticks…I guess a better question would be if those parts could even be used for a custom stick?.. Thanks for your reply…