Noob buys a TE2+: Questions


Huge PC gaming fan who’s been into mobas/mmo/rpg type games and I’m looking for a new challenge.

Bought myself this awesome fight stick and am looking to get going on the many many month long process of learning the basics of fighting games but have some questions.

Is SFV worth buying now in 2017? What are the current issues that effect a noon like me (no arcade mode, minimal characters etc)

If not, what games would you recommend? Preferably competative ones I can really dig in to.

Not looking to go pro just looking for something new and fun to do :slight_smile:

Looking forward to joining the fighting game community!


Nobody? :frowning:


In terms of content, I wouldn’t recommend SFV. It’s really lacking if truth be told. Online, depending on your connection can be pretty hit and miss. With SRK members either having great connections, or bad ones.
Couldn’t really recommend anything else, as I bought my PS4 for SFV alone. :frowning:
UMVC3 would be a decent bet or USF4 too.


its less complicated then 4 so if your just getting into fighting games its not a bad place to start but like intuitive said,lacking in content


I bought SFV and there are very very few characters but I don’t mind. And I assume SF6 or at least more characters are on the horizon


This might just be my KI hype talking, but maybe try KI? It’s free to start (1 character) and most others seem to cost $5, so if you like the game you can YT a character and only pay $5. You can fight VS all characters as CPU, and there’s a Arcade (Story) mode.

I’ve only been playing for 2 days though, but I’ve played a lot of other fighters (SF, KI, GG, BB,etc). If you’re curious maybe a more seasoned player can give his two cents on this recommendation.


What’s KI? :stuck_out_tongue:


This is KI
Also I just noticed I assumed you were on PC. It’s for PC and Xbox 1, so if you have a PS4 you’re out of luck :frowning:


Injustice 2 is dropping soon. MVC Infinite will be here soon. MKX has a massive competitive scene. Skull Girls is fun. And I think Melty Blood is on PS4.


I am on PC :smiley:


no its not


I’d recommend Guilty Gear. The Revelator 2 DLC is dropping soon, adding even more content. It has an awesome Tutorial Mode that will teach you not only GG basics, but fundamentals that you can apply to other fighting games.

It is a different beast technically and execution wise however in contrast to SFV. And the community is smaller. I for myself have more fun with GG though, but thats my personal preference. Objectively it has more to offer for a beginner. From there you should just play as many fighting games as you can afford to find the one that is of your taste.


I agree. Play a lot of different fighting games right now just to get used to each of them. You learn something different in each game’s system. Then you’ll naturally have one you prefer over the others and you can pick a character to “main” and learn as much as you can about them and their matchups…