Noob dual modding question


I’m interested in dual modding my 360 fightstick to work on PS3. I’ve heard that it is easier than PS3 to 360, and that the easiest way has something to do with “Cthulhu” something. Can someone link me to an explanation of that? I’ve tried Google, but a lot of links lead to dead sites.


#2 - You’re looking for the Multi-Console Cthulhu priced at $30 USD. The official SRK thread is here—>


Thanks. Sorry for asking for more, but I just read about CHIMP PCBs. Which would you say is better?


It really depends on what you plan to do with the stick. The thread that I linked you to has all the nitty gritty details about both boards. The Chimp does not support legacy consoles like PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, etc. Read through that thread you will know everything you need to know.


Which version of fightstick? You should look into a Cerberus, if it’s compatible with yours. Or if the Kitty ever gets another run, that one’s also worth a look.


It’s a Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Pro for 360. I’m willing to go whichever route is cheapest, so if you could enlighten me on the rough prices of each of those I’d appreciate it.


The Cerberus is $40. It’s made by Phreakazoid, who’s a member here. Here’s its page:
You have a Pro, it’s a little more involved to install than the other sticks, but not too bad, read the installation guide carefully:
You can buy it here: and possibly through directly.

The TE Kitty is $50 and it’s made by Toodles, another member here. There hasn’t been production of it since selling out. Here’s its page: you can follow some links to get more info if you want but you can’t buy it, at least not right now.


That’s all you needed to say.

Get a Cerberus. You might need to cut away some of the plastic shell, but it will work.