Noob dudely neeeds help



Is there a trick into canceling moves into machine gun blow? I cant seem to xx lp machine gun blow


you have to cancel the animation of the


Start in downback. But seriously, STOP cluttering the Dudders forum with all these silly threads. Just ask your questions in the Q&A topic!


i told him this wasnt a dudley related problem and to post on newbie dojo boards.
My name is 34 and i teach Dudley and Dudley related match-ups.


how do u beat zangief with dudley


(NON EX) Duck Upper anti air is hidden technology
short swing blow does not work on defense since running bear grab still catches it.

seriously mainly work on your spacing vs his s.MP
one of the only match ups you use c.HP as a poke
Pokes c.HP c.MP s.MP and s.HK
Punish all of his whiff c.HK c.MK with s.HP
Learn how to punish his moves on block since most are unsafe
Dont be afraid to use Oki 1. Mix up with grabs so he cant lariat ect ect watch out for backdash LP SPD BS

You’re on psn so I cant recommend any gief’s that had my training you should uh… really really really really really work on duck upper anti air it’s a better option than jet upper since it’s the least likely to get stuffed by j.MK and is the best to trade with since it combos him over 5/8ths of the screen if upper hits once (duck upper > duck straight > lp mgb

Should I make my own match up thread now or wait until i start recording videos?
I got a lot of info on a lot of match ups like ultra of choice and why character specific safe jumps and OSs. how to blow up X character’s crouch tech. how to play defense / offense ect ect.

I dont really care about giving out this info now since I wont have a top level player’s input on the match up until i actually start recording so it’s nothing


ill help u with zangief input
im the best wireless zangief on psn



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What other matchups c.HP would be used as a poke? I’ve never used that outside of anti-air or as part of a punish combo.



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u can still pm me if u want to lose to the best gief on psn
dont worry ill protect ur dignity by not announcing the score


chun from outside of all pokes cept s.HK
gos tite under it always

1hsnd typin mite edit l8r


man, feel free to just post any info you have. I love reading anything I can about duds, and your knowledge is like candy for me.