Noob Evo Question

I am an average player with average goals and this is my first Evo. My question is how many games should a person enter? I know I want to play SFV and Pokken. However I might want to learn Melee/KI/Mortal Kombat. As a average player would it be too much to learn 3 games and run around and play 3 games? Or should I do as much as possible?

To put it in perspective I am going to have a good time, watch on Sunday and if I day 2 on any game I’ll be extremely happy.

You should enter as many as you feel comfortable with…

Thank you for the insight Geese Pants. 14 years of experience clearly shines in that post. As someone who has never been there I imagine there are scheduling conflicts if you enter too many games. Obviously we don’t have the full schedule yet however I was hoping to get a general idea of how many games the average person plays in.

As many as you can afford

Not sure if you were trying to be sarcastic there.
Regardless…I assume the average player would enter 1-2 games.

I think what Geese Pants said was adequate. But learning any games at EVO would be next to impossible. If you we’re well versed in the games you could probably pick up some stuff. The three games you mention are also drastically different and are packed with system/game specific stuff. I say anything more than 4 games is pretty much futile for any tournament you’d like to play well in. Otherwise you’d spend most of your time running around like an idiot.

Thank you both that was the exact answer I was looking for <3. I will main SFV and Pokken until Evo and have a 3rd game just for fun. Now to pick the 3rd game. Only if Marvel was on pc…

Are you looking for a practice partner on SF5? I’m down to practice since I wanna go to EVO too lol

Enter whichever game is giving out a free t shirt for signing up.

I second that. I find players with brand FG shirts are all ways better players.

Most of the games run on different days different times. Is Evo your first major? Honestly if you can afford it enter everything. You never know who you will get a chance to play against in pools