Noob Guide+Groove Bars+ Uploading Images

The Noob Guide + Groove Bars

For Image Manipulation Questions, go here, the great big SRK Library of Knowledge.

Groove Bars in the last posts.

You generally may use any image as your avatar provided that it falls within size limits and does not break the forum rules.

The size limits are as follows:
Regular Members are 160x64 under 20k
Premium Members are 160x64 under 40k
Admin is 160x160
Yes, it is contrary to what is said on your control panel, but this is how it is.

You may see a non-admin sporting a 160x160 avatar. These avatars were “grandfathered in” from a time when the avatar limitations were 160x160 under 10k.

If you have an image editing program, it is quite simple to make your own avatar using the above guidelines. If you want to make your own, but need help with image editing, check out the other sticky in this forum. There is a lot of information here, and lots of people that are willing to help you learn how to make really cool avatars.

Alternately, you can request an avatar from one of the regulars here in Image Mishmash. Here are the guidelines for avatar requesting. Remember, if you are requesting here, follow these guidelines or you will just end up frustrating the avatar makers that you are trying to get to make your avatars.

  1. Use common sense and courtesy. There are a few common courtesy things that you must do if you expect to keep a good repoire with the taggers here in Image Mishmash.

a. Keep your avatar on for at least 2 weeks. Nothing kills an avatar designer more than seeing a new avatar after the person waited for about 2 days.
b. Be patient. Bumping a thread is fine, and if the avatar maker says he’ll get it, a constant barrage of harassing reminders isn’t helpful. The avarage waiting period is within 48hrs. All of us taggers have lives besides making tags, so we might not respond as quickly as others. The key factor is be to be patient.
c. Outrageous requests are either ignored, or denied. Don’t push your luck.
d. Thank the avatar maker. That avatar maker just made you an avatar that could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to make… and FOR FREE. So a “thank you” is always welcome.

  1. Find a thread or make your own thread to make a request.

Make sure your request is on ONE thread only. This is so avatar maker #1 doesn’t make an avatar for you that avatar maker #2 made from seeing a different thread. Wasted effort sucks on the avatar maker’s part. Also, don’t request an avatar here and make the same request at tagmonkey or creativemindz or any other avatar site there is. Most taggers will place you on their ignore list if you request in more than one place.

  1. Thank the avatar maker.

  2. Tips on getting the avatar that you really want.

Be specific. Say whether you want your name on it, what color you want the avatar to be generally, what picture, animations (take it easy on the animations), etc. Being specific might make it harder to do your avatar, but less RE-doing of your avatar.

Be careful here, because even though you may have a specific font, style, etc in mind, the more specific you are, the more mediocre the avatar is likely to come out. Less specific requests lead to more creative freedom. The truly great avatars you see on this site were not very specific, and let the tagger have free reign with their craft.

Lurk before you request an avatar so that you can see who has a style that you like. When you request your avatar, you can ask for a specific taggers style, and whoever picks up your request will have a refference point. This helps out a lot.

Also, some of us make our own sprites, and others use gamegen. If you want custom sprites, you need to figure out who will do it, because it is useless to request custom sprites in someone’s avatar request thread if they don’t do their own sprite ripping.

Remember that not all of us play all fighting games. I, personally, have never played MvC2. I don’t own the game, and don’t have any imagegalleries for it bookmarked. Some people can’t (and will not) make your Cable, Sentinel, Kobun team. They just don’t have the resources.

Find out who does animation. Not only that, but who does animation that you like! Some of us have tools for animation, and those of us who do have them use different tools, and that makes our style different. Not all of us will make that cool pulsing shaft that you saw on Uhaul_Joe’s avatar!

Finally, here a few things to keep in mind. Some avatar makers won’t do avatars for new people. Chances of getting your request picked up increase if you contribute to the rest of the site. If you request a team avatar, it will likely be ignored. More info on team avatars is here.

You can also go to Tagmonkey. They do avatar requests. Be sure to read their requesting guidelines.

Let me add something to if you just requested an av put it up and a week later request another one, saying that you wont put it up untill the two week period is up is not ok. Wait two weeks before requesting a new one do not request before the two week period and saying your not going to put it up.

Hello , I would like an avatar of Dudley doing his EX Jet Uppercut from SFIII: Second Impact. This is my favorite version because it will hit the character backwards sometimes as a anti-crossup! Please have that in the avatar.


Please if we tell you no, then it’s a no. And if we say it’s damn near impossible it’s really…damn near impossible. Don’t send us PM’s like crazy we like to keep them nice and neat to where people can actually PM us with LOGICAL informatio


four questions…

  1. right now i got tripod for image uploading, what’s something better?

  2. the steps in merging animated gifs together like a venom animated gif on top of a moving background?

  3. what’s the illest way, but easiest way to create backgraounds and animations(with image ready or photoshop)?

  4. what’s the size preferrence for tags and avatars?

if these questions can be answered it would be greatly appreciated…:smiley:


  1. Many people have success with deviantart, but to get something better than tripod, you are actually going to have to pay for it. Check with your internet service provider, as they my already have a website set up with your account, and haven’t told you.

  2. Please direct this question to the image manipulation sticky. Read through that thread first.

  3. See my answer for #2. Again, read through that thread, because I believe both of these topics have been addressed.

  4. Avatars are 160x64, with a file size of less than 20k, as stated in the first post on this thread. Tags are not allowed here at SRK.

You find your own host.


as with many others.

Here they are in sticky fashion.

Much love to Cham and Xenozip for providing the bars.

a message from shatterstar,

Top 3 sites for Upload(IMO):


Other sites that you can use for free uploads:
[*] users)[/list]

if you have any questions or need help then just post in here and either i or someone else will try to help you :tup:

dammit! make this thread a sticky already

another message from shatterstar

when you post you url post the next url right next to it with no spaces in between the two


if done correctly it will look like the post above. if you put the url uderneith the previous url the it’ll look like this:

we dont want that.^^^

when posting your pics try to post 3-4 pics beside eachother then press enter to start your next row. :tup:

it should look like that^^^

ok, when you post a thumbnail the HTML code always ends with “” so when you want to post your next thumbnail make sure the cursor it right beside the and then select paste. then is should appear right beside each other.

When you hit the Enter key, you insert a line break, so the image will be posted on the next line. So instead of pressing Enter. Just hit space and paste in the next URL so your thumbnails will be side by side with a small gap in between.
(Putting a space between your URLs helps you organize your links easier since each long URL string shows up on its own line in the post editor.)

Repeat as necessary, but try not to stretch the forum.

EDIT: pruned the thread to weed out some extraeneous posts

KidZero’s useful contrbution: