Noob help needed

ok so i have a hori v3 and i want to put custom art on it il worry bout the sanwa buttons and everything later but i really want custom juri art…ive found the art and what not and understand cutting the holes for the stick and question is though i have never used a solder iron or anything in my life do i have to do any hooking or un wiring of buttons or soldering in order to just change the art? thx in advance i know its a noob question

You will have to desolder, yes.

damn just to change the artwork? well i guess now the question is how hard is it to do? and are they any good tuts? and i may as well change the buttons…are the sanwa 30mm and the balltop 35mm? im under that impression but dont fully know.thx

well you don’t have to desolder
you could use brute force and break the microswitches from the buttons if you’re not planning on reusing the buttons

you’d still have to splice the wire header and daisy chain a ground though

the balltop is a 35mm ball
the buttons are 30mm
just like you said

Use a desolder iron or desoldering bulb or desoldering pump order desoldering braid.
Go to SRK Member Nerrage YouTube and watch his videos.
One of them shows desoldering.

30mm and 35mm, yes.

The board that you are desoldering off, can be thrown away after, if you change Buttons to Sanwa.
Solder new wires to the Main PCB and crimp on Quick Disconnect for Sanwa Button.
Or lengthen the stock wires and crimp on Quick Disconnect for Sanwa Button.

If you keep the board that got desoldered, then you can solder wires into the board.
Crimp on Quick Disconnect for Sanwa Button.

Or you will have to modify the Sanwa Button Microswitch so they can fit the board that was desoldered, then solder back on.

thx, i guess il try doing this in the morning…if i screw it up im only out 70 bucks i like the stick but its just not pretty enough lol

i still cant find a template for this stick either…i was told to go to blklightning21 sight but i dont know it…be nice to find it

Yes, the Template is on the website of SRK Member blklightning21.
Still there and still download.

yes i keep hearing this my only problem is i dont know what the website of blklightning21 is or i would go there instead of asking for it 20 times

You can go to the SRK Members page.
Go to blklightning21, then check his profile.

I don’t think that is so hard.

yea i give up searched his profile no link to site that i can see…im all about helpin myself and all but damn 20 times of a runaround instead of answer or link is just too damn much

Here something easier for you.
There is a Thread he made just eleven lines below this Thread in Tech Talk.

Check out that Thread.
His website is in his Signature.