NooB, How do u beat Giants

I always keep getting jugled by giants and the only thing i can think of is break away but i dont know how or what to press

To get break away from the giants’, all you have to do is mash all of the buttons and quickly rotate your joystick in a 360 motion.

Outside of that, just keep running. If your character has any stall tactics projectiles (Batsu’s Ryuseki kick), projectiles (Ryu’s Hadouken), or interrupts (Tekka’s chain), use them as often as possible.

Or just pick T. Blade/Tekka and learn how to use them for crazy overkill.

Giants tend to not like it when you get up in their face, like the PTX cant really hit you with its guns if your under it, besides with its chainsaw but thats easily avoided with block. I would say use a character like Tekkaman Blade, who has a special that is always in range of giants, or saki, who again fires beams and has a special that will fire a beam that is always in range of a giant.

Pick tekkaman blade and spam his blade throw. esp against lightan most giant exploiters dont know how to use him and just get hit by it every time.

As a Giant player I love these threads… hahaha