Noob-Intermediate level Bison seeks obnoxiuos turtling Chun for XBL matches



I need to learn to deal with Turtling and fireball spamming chuns so hit me up. Mic would be great for advice/tips.


omg thread title is killin me!



Can’t help you with that, because I don’t turtle.


This will not end well…


I don’t turtle, but I would like to fight a Bison
gamertag is


I Don’t turtle with Chun unless I have the advantage significantly. With Bision you can pressure good if you learn how to use his block strings and sissor kick wake up game, also cross up lk is pretty deceptive. Seriously though what are you having problems with when Chun’s in the corner theres a Turtle Chun Li and there is one that sit’s and do nothing. Very different kind of fight.