Noob Iori help, suggestions much apprecited

I’m a college student rookie fighting gamer. My team is somewhat modeled after Buktooth’s–N-Iori/Chun-li/Hibiki. I like Chun-li because of her pokes and easily bufferable supers and I consider her to be safer than my sucky Morrigan.

There is one CvS2 player at my school that I consider worth playing, but he severely beats me in almost every bout. His main team is K-Cammy/Yamazaki/Geese. His Yama and Geese aren’t so much the trouble, it’s really Cammy. In Buktooth’s guide he says how the matchup is in favor of Iori, but I really can’t handle her. Even ratio one takes out both Iori and Chun-li before Hibiki can take her out.

Even if I throw ground fireballs, he can probably punish me quickly by taking to the air (he really favors the hooligan combination, most often canceled into kick). Once he’s close, it’s over. Cammy’s standing fierces and roundhouses start guard crushing me while I block helplessly, and he mixes up with suplex throws in the corner. I have absolutely no defense besides trying random wakeup uppercuts like a moron. I can waste a stock with a counter roll, but I don’t even know how helpful that would be, especially since I like to use Iori as a battery for Chun-li to use on Hyoko sens.

So, I’m definitely not pro material, and barely scrub material, but I can roll cancel up to 50% on my best day. That being said, I can spend lots of time practicing, but I’m not sure what to work on. I have another big match with this guy in a week, and I want to devote lots of time towards beating him. For now I’ll work on getting all the character bnb’s, RC moves, misc stuff like scum gale setups and stuff down.

I would appreciate any and all input. You can flame me, as long as there is constructive criticism in there. Or even if there isn’t :sweat:

instead of wake up dp and counter roll to lose a bar, if hes standing over your corpse on wake up, go for either a wake up grab/command grab, or hitting shorts right as your up, don’t mash it so he knows its coming. try to rc rekkas during his guard crush string, cause there are definitely openings during it. jump or dp his hooligan combination cause you can see it a mile away.

I’ll try to give more when i’m not tight on time if other people haven’t responded and said what i will say.

-Learn the ranges for Cammy’s moves: s.HK, s.HP, c.MP, etc. If you know the ranges for her moves you can bait them and punish them (RC Rekka Ken; roll through it > c.LKs > Rekka Kens; c.HK, etc). If you’re close, you can try using s.LP and/or c.LK to beat her pokes. c.LK combos into Rekka Kens even from its maximum distance.
-Fireballs are good only from far away (LP Fireballs, since they cover the ground in front of you and you can run behind it). Fireballs from mid-screen or up close will get you killed.
-You can counter Hooligan Combination w/ c.HP or Uppercut. Rolling through it works too, although it isn’t my favorite option in this situation.
-In the corner: if you block a s.HK and counter roll, you should be able to combo her afterwards. I’m not sure if the same works against s.HP, though. Alpha counters are OK but they’ll probably miss if Cammy does s.HK from maximum distance. Doing wake up command grab isn’t such a great idea (unless you can RC it, which is nearly impossible), Iori’s Command Grab comes out in 8 frames, if the Cammy player mix things up and uses fast pokes you get hit during the Grab start-up. If he mashes on punch throw it will beat your Command Grab too. s.LPs, c.LKs, or RC Rekka Kens would better moves to use in this situation.

-W/ Chun, if you anticipate a s.HK you can do c.MP xx Kick Super, since Chun’s c.MP goes under Cammy’s s.HK.
-If you’re close, you can use c.LPs against Cammy’s pokes. On a counterhit you can easily link CH c.LP, s.MP xx Kick Super.

Thanks guys, that already helps me a lot. My RC’s are getting a lot better every day, so I think I can count on RC Rekka Kens. I get the feeling that I’d stay away from wake up command grabs since I can see his punch throw beating scum gale. But using his fast jabs and shorts sounds really good since they’re so awesomely fast.

I’ll also try that counter-roll into a b&b. Such good stuff!

Don’t be afraid about ACing Cammy’s s.HP. It’s worth it. Getting the meter back really shouldn’t be a problem, specially with Iori. c.HP, s.HP, and uppercuts all beat her Hooligan. Punish safe falls with run up sweep if he tends to safe fall too much. I’ve seen some vids with run up f+MP to rekkas before too. lj.HK to uppercut is really helpful. Cammy IS a 60 stun character after all, and that does some good stun damage. RC rekkas really help against her too, cause she shouldn’t really be jumping since her air game is not so hot exept for dive kicks (that’s just theory, not really sure on that). That, and most Cammy’s will just mash fierce to get out, so you should be able to blow right through. If he is a JD whore, remember Scum Gale is your friend. Wake up s.LP, RC rekka (not if he dive kicks on wake up) c.LK, s.HP up close is good sometimes too. And again, there’s always block and AC. Cause you know she’s throwing out close s.HP if she’s right next to you on wake up. That or meaty c.MP. I think she can block though if she does meaty c.MP…Not sure.

Hope what I said made since, and helps.