nOOb Ken!

im a newb to capcom vs snk 2 and was hoping to get some help from people with knowledge on the game, i have played previous street fighter and KOF titles but have never excelled or was any good for that matter

So any tips on how to pick up Ken and learn to use him properly would be grateful

Well…I guess your team is Sak,Ken,Ryu

First you need a groove (I suggest C)
Then a Ratio 2 (I say Ken, maybe Ryu)

then you need to go to one of the player specific forums

yeah i use Ken, Ryu and Sakura in that order…i checked out the player specific forums but its all advanced stuff i need the real basic strats to begin with

crouching lk, lp,mk, fireball is probably as basic as it gets.

wow, that homer/iori graphic is awesome.

I don’t really use Sakura, but basic stuff with Ken & Ryu…


his pokes is cr.Forward, you can pretty much only poke- super with his level 3 QCBx2 super.

his anti-air is cr.Fierce, or let the opponent get deep in their jump in and then shoryuken. (Good to mix your AA’s up)


his poke is also cr.Forward, although his hop kick can sometimes be useful

his anti-air would be either his st.Roundhouse, or cr.Fierce, or shoryuken, same as Ken


her poke would be st.Roundhouse, her AA is cr.Fierce (Good stuff, abuse it)

I mean as far as basics, I guess that’s all you need to know before you start to go into B&B’s and linking into supers.

Good Luck

Ken has one of the most damaging combos in the game and especially his guard crush string. Use the following for breaking/crushing guard;

Cross up with mk then;

Down + lk, down + lp, standing + lk and pull a funky kick…

This does some good damage.

For big characters do,

Cross up (after knocking down, usually) with HK then;

standing + Mk, and pull a funky HK.

I would also recommend C-groove for your characters. KEn and RYu are usable in most grooves. I don’t know about Sakura in C-groove, but I personally would never use her in C-groove.

A-groove will also work for your team, except Ryu (his CC’s are kindda hard to do, and he simply does more damage in C-groove).


Ken has one of the better zoning games in the game. I would abuse his s.rh and towards RH. Most whiffed pokes can be punished easily with these two pokes and can be used to apply pressure for different setups. Seeing as you are a newbie, you must not know how to roll cancel, so RC funky kick is out. If you really want to become better with Ken learning how to use that move is essential. Also try to learn how to perform,, super(qcf qcf punch). Very easy to see shorts connect and combo in supers for big damge when you get down pact.