Noob looking for ps3/ps2 stick? HRAP3?

So I am looking to buy a new stick. as of right now all I play is ST and SF 3rd Strike, although when SF 4 come out i am planning on getting that, as well as SF HD remix. It will be my first stick. I was looking to get the HRAP3 from play asia but i have different things about its compatibility with ps2. so can anybody tell me whether the HRAP3 will work with ST and 3rd strike on my ps3? im not looking to use it with my ps2, im looking to play those games on my ps3. can I do it? if not, are there any other good sticks out there for the ps3 that have backwards compatiblity? any help is appreciated.

Also, with the HRAP3 being imported from japan, will that be a problem for me since i live in the US?

HRAP3, with the most recent PS3 firmware should work fine with all old PS2 games.

As far as being in USA, the only problems you’ll face are 1)Finding an HRAP3 and 2)Crying over shipping charges.

Also, there’s a long thread about HRAPs of all types. Please look to it for any additional questions, as your answers are most likely there.

so is there any preferred place to get the stick from? any idea as to how long it will be until play asia gets some more in? 54 USD in shipping :tdown:

could anyone confirm this stick to be compatible with ps2 games?

i saw on hori website that it says it is not compatible with “playstation 2 software”. not sure what they mean by that.

Yes that stick will work on PS2 games.

But if want a REAL stick, build your own, ask around, or try

I got a HRAP3 from here:

$99 shipped in the US. There were a couple threads with people having problems with these guys. I for one had a few problems, mostly with just getting them to ship it, but I eventually got it. If I remember correctly it took about 2.5 weeks for me to get mine after ordering it, and that was with daily badgering of their customer contact person. It is still the best overall price you will find though.

get a HRAP3 from or preorder a HRAP3:AV from stocks the sticks once every week or two so your best bet for getting the stick as quick as possible is from them.

I’ve been in the market for getting a HRAP3, and I’ve noticed that play-asia does not stock sticks quite often at all, and they are also quite expensive for shipping.

So really up to you on what you want to get. There are also various threads throughout ‘Tech Talk’ which has people discussing various Hori sticks, which is a good read for a newbie.

From what I am aware, the Hori sticks used to not work with the PS3 if you had the older firmware, but this has been fixed recently with a new patch.

interesting. so I pay them the 100 dollars and then badger them to ship it to me? something doesnt sound right.

looks like play asia has just restocked their sticks. couldnt help myself. shipping was pricey but i guess its worth it for easy, reliable service.

I agree. You pay here for a very good service. Play-Asia is what I would recommend if you don’t mind shipping and import taxes.

Wow, shipping for Battle Fantasia + HRAP 3 is $54… I would never pay that kinda money for shipping unless I’m shipping my whole damn room.

Play Asia prices are very high even for some old games as old as 5 years!! & also they charge high prices for shipping, over all they got some good and rare stuff you can’t find else where & the HRAP3 will be rare after some time so get one while you can and save it for the future.

Lol, that was my exact order from NCSX, my shipping was $12.90.

congrats on your new purchase you will not regret it. Play-asia is reliable and you will probably be using your new stick by the weekend…enjoy!

If anyone is interested, HRAP 3 is back in stock at Play-Asia. Will probably sell out soon like all their shipments of HRAP3.

HRAP3 just came in. shipped on the 28th, recieved on the 29th. im not complaining. so im trying to connect it to my pc to play MAME, but it doesnt seem to register. are there any instructions on what i need to do out there? if read some threads and it seems that i dont need drivers, all i need to do is hold down the home button for about 5 secs, no luck. any help?

search button anyone?

yea i did a bit. havent found anything that helped me yet. still searching.

Download xpadder. Map your stick to key presses. Map the emulator buttons to those key presses.

you have to enable joystick input in mame. it’s somewhere in options. my hrap3 works fine using mame32