Noob looking for some people to fight with!


Hey everyone I’m new to Shoryuken,

I have very little experience with fighting games sadly, it’s not something I thought I would like until a friend got me into buying KOF XIII. I seem to be mainly playing Mortal Kombat right now, however I aim to go back to mainly Street Fighter. I have a variety of fighting games so I guess I’m trying to see which one I enjoy the most before really aiming to improve a lot. I play on PC through Steam using a controller as it’s the most comfortable, and I don’t know if I want to invest in a stick however if anyone has some recommendations I might get one for Christmas.

I’m looking for people of any skill level to play with I don’t mind having my butt handed to me over and over, otherwise I’ll never improve. If anyone wants to add me here is my profile link -


Welcome to SRK. The newbie dojo is for asking gameplay questions. Moving your matchmaking request to the online outlets section.


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you can add me on PC my GT is Voldoken i dont have it through steam though so its only through microsoft


Hey! I have mild experience in Fighting games so far, but a small friend list, and I’d be happy to add you!

Steam name:pumpedaaron

I currently play Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, The King of Fighters XIII, and Street Fighter X Tekken.