Noob looking to work up to a harder charcter


So ive started to play more sf4, and have started to play online and such. The problem is that the character i want to play is adon, however i know that i am no where near good enough with the basics. mostly fadc. so im wondering should i keep toughing though it and trying to learn adon, or is there another character that is a bit easier but will help me get to that point.


I would first probably check out the execution thread here in the newbie dojo, then try to apply it to Adon for a few days. Though the links into it whatever comes out of it may have stricter timing, FADC itself isn’t really any easier or harder with different characters.


Dunno, I like doing low forward>hadoken>fadc>low forward loops to practice fadc’s with Ryu and Ken. Pretty sure you can make up an endless combo with endless meter for Adon as well.


thanks, i also looked on the adon forums and there was also a thread with some tips. ^^ its training time


What Trouble Brewing said, FADC’ing is generally equal in the game. The character itself may have a more or less difficult link leading into the FADC, but if you buckle down with a set of things to practice with Adon and grind it out things will start to come together. If you want to play Adon I’d just as soon stick with him, if you swap characters to learn something you can do with Adon anyways you’ll just come back to Adon down the line with the new skill but without the specific application to Adon.