Noob lost n need help


let me start by sayin im totally new to umvc3, ima kof player but this game caught my eye so i decided to give it a try. what are some things should i know to get me started? such as button layout on fightstik, game mechanic, combo setups …etc
btw the game graphic is amazin, easy combo, screen move alot not use to it yet, overall great superhero game


The default stick layout should be like this.

(Six buttons used)
S Assist 1 Assist 2

Most TE sticks have this control configuration under TYPE-B, while Hori sticks use TYPE-Y.

This should give you a basic rundown of the game mechanics:

Combos usually follow a magic series flow from LMHS > MMHS > OTG Attack > Super. Its up to you to find out what attacks/assists to add to make that basic combo longer/more damaging. Not all characters can use that basic flow, so I suggest starting with Character Trials to understand some of the basic mechanics of the character you have chosen.

Have fun!