Noob needs help with soldering questions


i think i fucked up. i got a soldering iron and solder. at first it would melt the the solder on the solder wire then i messed up and put to much and when i tried to melt and desolder it it wouldnt melt i dont no what wrong

i used:

radioshack 15-Watt soldering iron

.05"(1.27mm) Diameter
SN 99.2/AG 0.3/CU 0.5

if yall have answers ill listen


desoldier tool $5-10 at radioshack…


i got a vacuum desolder the problem is the solder wont melt again so i can desolder it


The part where you soldered on the soldering iron apply that area to the same spot. Check the iron and see where the most solder is located.


i did all that it like it wont heat up all the way


Can you add solder to the iron? And does the solder melt?
Is it plugged in?
It should have enough heat.


i think i got water on it i think that it


Clean the tip of the iron with a file. Make sure it’s screwed in fully.

Moving to tech talk.


thanks that was the problem its working great now
now i can go back to my dual mod


SpaceGod, did you get the message I sent you a while back?


no man i didnt see any massages i havent got on srk in a while man