Noob needs help!

I really need help on this one. I have been playing for a while, but i dont know exactly what my playstlyle is. I can both turtle and rush down, and I can use just about everyone in SFIII and SSF4 just about the same. I really like Seth though. I dont really have a big community to help me out with this, so I am begging someone to help a noob in need. I like to play mindgames, and any help would be appreciated.

a good defense leads to a good offense. everything you do in 3s should be mixup games and have your opponent guessing whether to tech, block high low, or parry

Every character does mind games in 3S fairly well, even Sean.
You have PSN? We can play and I’ll help you out if you want. If you can, post up some videos to Youtube and we can better analyze what you’re doing wrong.
General protip: Don’t parry too much.

Just play Akuma and mash on RH tatsu, it’s unbeatable (online).

Dat bullshit