Noob PCB Wiring Questions

I have the following PCB:

NubyTech Street Fighter 15th Ann. Fight Pad

Im about to begin the process of wiring this PCB to a Sanwa JLF and Sanwa OBSF 30 and 24 buttons.

My question are:

  1. Will the single ground for the JLF work; if so were to do I solder it.
  2. Do I need to solder seperate ground for each of the buttons, including start and select, or can I daisy chain them.

If anyone can shed some light on my it would be greatly appreciated.

red circle in the upper middle is your ground. daisy chain or wire to a terminal strip/block

You can daisy chain the ground. You can solder a separate ground for every button. Both work.

When you say “single ground,” do you mean the one ground wire in the wiring harness (Black for Sanwa Harness, Orange for Seimitsu harness)? Yes, connect that one to ground.

The ground is this anywhere in the large light green trace where the one portion circled in red that is connected to it. You can solder it to any of the contacts that are touching it. I drew a picture. Anything connected to the red paintbrushed section is ground. They are all ground. You can use as many as you like.

and the ground wire for JLF?
Can I solder the ground wire for the JLF AND another ground wire to chain to all the buttons on that main ground (red circle)

whoa thanks man haha the riddle is solved


Yes, you can.

ok now im confused again…
how about this:
one wire from the JLF harness going the the PCB ground and a second wire from the PCB ground chaining to each one of the buttons including the Start and Select buttons.
also do I solder the wires for the buttons at the blue points on the Diagram marked as signals. Cause it seems like the signals should come from the points directly under the buttons? Still alittle confused

You can solder to the points directly on the buttons. Or you can solder to the ones marked there. They are electrically the same. Just solder to the side that is opposite of the ground side, which I pointed out.

Yes, you can do that with the harness and buttons.

thank you so much dood. I feel alot more prepared now