Noob question about the charecters


Hi im coming from soulcalibur 5 wich i use alpha patroklos who suits my playstyle very well, but here in ssf4 ae i hadnt been able to find anyone who looks like him :S, i want this:
-good mixups
-deal great damage
i dont care if he/she defends bad or if he/she requires heavy execution
the closest i have seen is akuma, but my knowledge of the game is very poor right now and i could be mistaken xD
Thanks for your time :slight_smile:
Sorry because there is a repeated post in street fighter 4 forum, my bad, sorry.


Use Cody, he’s all-around
this thread is best to be on the Saikiyo Newbie Section.


sorry again i thought it maybe fit here in this section, im going to try cody, thanks for the advice, anyone else i should try? thanks


Akuma, Ibuki, it’s really based on your style of play.
Just giving examples.


Move the character select icon around and push a button.

…or choose Birdie.