[Noob question] I just bought this arcade stick, I have no idea what it is

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum and fighting games in general.
Recently I have been enjoying Street Fighter alot, and I wanted to get an arcade stick.
It turns out they’re pretty hard to come by here in The Netherlands, so after a bit of searching online I found this:

I read reviews about the Qanba Q1 and they weren’t too negative, so I thought I found a really good deal and ordered it, but now I’m not so sure.
Turns out this isn’t the Qanba Q1 table I saw in the reviews.
Is this a decent enough arcade stick? Or should I try to cancel my order?

it says sanwa parts so it should be as good as any other stick

Actually it says it just comes with a Sanwa joystick, not Sanwa buttons.

IMO cancel the order, it’s poor quality.

''Highly professional “Sanwa” arcade buttons"
It says it comes with Sanwa buttons too in the description.
Is it good enough to play casualy with?

it’s probably a better idea to just wait for the new madcatz that’s compatible with both ps3 and ps4

Open it up when you get it and find out. I suspect the item description is deliberately ambiguous :slight_smile:

So the parts probably aren’t real Sanwa, but I can replace them later if I want? And then it’ll be a decent stick? If that’s the case I might play with it and buy some sanwa parts later if I like the arcade stick experience. Thanks alot for the help so far!
I’m playing on PC btw, so PS4 compatibility is not an issue.

If you’re buying it with a mind to change parts, just pick something with a fair price, a common ground (see this sticky) and a sturdy case. Sanwa buttons are cheap and easy enough to fit. Don’t write off Seimitsu if you’re looking for an arcade experience though!

Your stick according to the SRK guide:

[details=Spoiler]Qanba Q1(cut) (PS3, Xbox 360) $59.99 - 64.99
Quality: All Plastic case, case does not seem as sturdy as it should. Comes in Qanba made parts or Full Sanwa versions. Cord storage compartment door breaks easily
Reliability: Reports of occasional drop inputs
Ease of Mod: Difficulty 1, some editions come with optional gates and button plugs[/details]

If you like it, it’s got plenty of a potential as a first stick.

Thanks, yeah that’s what I thought, but there seems to be a difference between the stick in your post and the one that I bought.
The stick from your post is this one : http://www.qanbashop.com/EN/HKD/product/Qanba-Q1-Cut-PS3-PC-arcade-fightstick-fight-stick-Black-standard-40.html
While I think the stick I ordered is this probably this one: http://www.qanbashop.com/EN/HKD/product/QanBa-Q1-PS3-PC-P3SGH-Arcade-fightstick-16.html
It states it has a Sanwa stick there and normal buttons. I read reviews about the first one I linked and thought that was the one that I bought, but looking at the pictures it seems I have bought the second one.
I guess it should be similar in quality to the other Q1 as it’s made by the same company, but I’m concerned that the version I bought is older or inferior to the ‘cut’ Q1. I just can’t find any information online about the version that I ordered.


Except that not the Q1 Cut. The Q1 cut is square shape and have clamps for table mounting.

That is the original Qanba Q1, which is a horrible piece of crap (absolute rubbish) even for Qanba standards.


The diffrences

Q1 CUT. Bottom of the barrel for Beginners tier


Original Q1. SHIT Tier

Request for cancelation submitted, thanks a lot guys, I didnt’t realise there was a difference between the Q1 cut and the old Q1 and thought I was getting a good deal because it said it has Sanwa parts.
Once again, thanks for saving me a lot of trouble!

Ah, my apologies; assumed a q1 was a q1, regardless of shape.
If you’re looking to keep things cheap, I can speak from experience and say it’s not worth the hassle. Last 2 cheap sticks i bought, (one ‘fully working’, one ‘new’) were both faulty and used. For the sake of £20-£30 you might be saving yourself a headache if you splash out a little.

if you really want the q1 cut

here you go play-asia.com/qanba-q1-arcade-joystick-paOS-13-49-en-70-5rvf.html

from play asia for £28

your welcome