Noob Question I'm sure

I noticed today that I’ve been having a little trouble doing the Hadouken motions on my stick, I’m thinking its the square gate. It feels kind of funny to me, I ordered a Sanwa Joystick to replace it (4 to 8 way) but im sure that one is a square gate too…

Is it my input that Im having trouble with? I did just recieve the stick today :stuck_out_tongue:

Or could a different gate make things easier for me?

Just want to know so I can order the gate if its going to help out.

I use a lot of character in KOF that use those half circle/ quarter circle motions…

Thanks in Advance,
Doubt KoF

Square Gates are the standard on most Sanwa and Seimitsu Joysticks.

There are octagonal and round gates for the Sanwa JLF, round gates for the Sanwa JLW and Octagonal gates for some of the Seimitsu joysticks.

Yes you can order just a gate, will it help you out hard to say. I want to say No, as Square gates are the most recomended to New players, and many professional players refuse to play on anything but square gates.

You can always order a different gate, try it out and switch back if you do not like the feel or it does not help.

Some people change the actuator as well. There is a electric tape mod, but I do not recommend it.
I do recommend trying trying larger actuators. Paradise Arcade Shop sells larger size actuators, which close up on the dead zone space and make corners easier to hit.

The Paradise arcade JLF actuator selection

Changing the actuator will also change out how the joystick works.

Thanks a lot Dark, I will look into it, but after spending more time practicing and watching tutorials I noticed that it was my grip. I’ve changed my grip and I’m starting to be a lot more consistent. The square gate actually isn’t that bad for me, I’m getting more comfortable with it and I’m sure with more time and practice I’ll be okay.

Again, Thanks Dark! I appreciate it.

Gonna look into replacing my actuator. Didn’t realize that would make such a diff. I am using an octagonal gate now on my JLF’s. Thanks.

Update- I went to the website…@Darksakul Which actuator would you suggest? They go from .5 to 2.0

Hey JPenguin, how is the octagonal gate working for you??

Its feels a lot easier. They say that you shouldn’t motion so hard that you feel the gate, just the switches click but it does help me. I have been getting used to it though. I’ve only made the switch to joystick back in March so I am still working on the muscle memory and the psyche to execute moves. I’m a solid Honda player and have had little issue transitioning with him but I’m working still on most everyone else I use. I have even contemplated changing who I main with. But the octagonal is a recommend. A cheap way to upgrade is just to get the gate INSERT not the whole thing if you already have a legit sanwa stick. Its only 2.95 I think.

Could not tell ya, each person is different.